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  1. What if they leaked it on purpose to throw people off? Or intentionally unblocked it? Personally I’m not sure on what we could be getting but you really never know
  2. Sorry I meant that they mentioned it being catered towards teenager. This leads me to believe it will truly be something big this year.
  3. I 100% agree with it being in the footprint of Roller Thunder, and Six Flags has just sent out some surveys for a new name and I couldn't help but noticed that they mentioned that exact space.
  4. I completely agree, very very stupid move if six flags goes through with making the sky warp.
  5. Eventually the log flume is bound to be remove for something new and massive, or even bizzaro if that's sill a thing
  6. Maybe somewhere around bizzaro or behind the stadium next to bizzaro? But if that was the case I think we would see things envolving trees by now
  7. I just noticed that they claimed worlds first, do you think they really mean a first of its kind? Never seen or built before? Or do you think it's just North Americas first?
  8. Anyone have a guess of what might be coming this year? I'm betting it's a flat ride or water ride this time or overall park improvements.
  9. I'm not mad but I'll be honest I was really looking forward to the bigger version even though there isn't really a difference. I think next year is either a overall park improvements or something going to hurricane harbor. Man I wish this park was runned by cedar fair because I bet this would've topped off Europa park and cedar point.
  10. Lol the 220ft model is probably going to magic mountain next year.
  11. I think what interest me the most for our new coaster if it is a 4d its that 220 foot lift. So tall and going up in the position your set to go up will be scary for many people. But I wonder why it's so big if all its gonna do is flip you. And at this point all B&M hypers are the same. Airtime and hills that's it. I really want a new launch coaster though family based or something to hype you up kingda ka.
  12. @GAcoaster if you ride a B&M wingrider and the small one like X-Fllight you won't be saying that trust me. And like me and many others said, a free spin is the first of its kind everyone will get excited about that. But remember fiesta Texas is one of the smaller parks. Putting a unique first of its kind in that park would mean good business. Everyone would like it. Putting something that is a free spin and only flips you around for a huge park with intense rides isn't worth it. I'd honestly would rather get a new ride at the water park over a free spin.
  13. Question does anyone know the rumored spot for the ride, I know it's suppose to take fort independence but it seems to me everyone has just forgotten old country, I've been seeing a lot of work there. Does anyone else think that there could be a new coaster there? Or was it confirmed a new coaster at the front of the park?
  14. If that is the actual logo than that would spark so many rumors. That logo looks legit but with full throttle and magic mountain in the background it really kills it.
  15. A giga is my dream ;-;, nice scenic giga low to the ground or a launch coaster that's low to the ground.
  16. Well six flags great America just did their first teaser. So I'm confused at this point lol. Wonder if great adventure is getting theirs soon.
  17. I hate to bring this up out of know where but a lot of people complain about too many B&M being similar when there really not. Sure they may do the same inversions but they have a completely different feel to them. Let's take bizzaro and green lantern for example, practically the same thing except one your standing the other one your legs are dangling. This provides a different experience. The only thing I believe Is too similar is a sit down and a floorless and we don't have one. People say wing riders are too close to floorless or dive coasters. Completely wrong, I rode x-flight and it was more intense than nitro due to that drop. It provided a completely new experience with the wing concept.
  18. Railer is assuming it's a s&s free spin with the information he has been given. He has sources too.
  19. Welcome to the forums ridingthebull , have fun reading all the speculations cause I sure as hell did lol. But yeah it's a let down to know that there's a chance of getting a free spin. But than again it's six flags they are unpredictable.
  20. Raider has sources that have told him it's a s&s. If you read back to the beginning of the first survey you will see where it all began.
  21. Doesn't anyone else think it's funny how so many people are saying a s&s is coming to our park without any proof. I think there is proof of an s&s coming to 1 of the parks not great adventure. That ride isn't worthy of our park.
  22. The more I think about it the more I want to kill myself. Not for nothing but when I rode batman at fiesta it felt like twister except you go upside more. This ride isn't as intense as any of our roller coasters. So I'll be disappointed if we get it. Just because the supposed layout is bigger doesn't mean anything. Litterly means you just go upside more.
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