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  1. any idea which model we will get? http://www.abc-engineering.ch/cms/upload/Flyer/PDF_Rides/2.0_ABC-Flyer-ThrillRides-EN-4p.pdf
  2. i disagree with the fines because alot of the time the rides getting "stuck" are infact just the safety features of the ride stopping it...
  3. based on the way the company has been going over the past few seasons, I am expecting a Giant Frisbee!! I am honestly excited for some new flats if that is what we get... also welcome to the site mattkopp23
  4. Anyone have some good stories about being stuck on rides? Monday night I was at the park and by luck got stuck twice in a row! First I was stuck on Bizarro with two trains in front of me. Not sure why the ride broke down, but it did, and it was fun getting stuck lol. Maintenance quickly fixed the ride and we were unloaded in the station. Immediately following that I got stuck on my next ride, King Da Ka, once again right after my ride finished. After getting off the ride I saw them do something interesting I haven't seen before. They actually launched a train from the station that is normally
  5. I was going to make a trip to the Park on 4th of July but how bad does it really get? I want to get as much time there as possible in before I start working hence going on said Monday. Do you think it will get extremely bad?
  6. I would honestly hate to see El Toro go the route of a RMC though.
  7. Even 10, 15, 20 years down the line will something like this happen? Will we even see another Premier Era level ride?
  8. Rode today on the green side and it was such an amazing ride in my opinion. I was held upside down, in superman, upside down superman, and flipped all within 40 seconds!
  9. Only issue I had was with getting the bag on Joker's line... the security guard who was standing at the line and the regular employee couldn't decide if it was allowed. The employee said no but then the guard told them how it is a medical bag... in the end they let me through with it.
  10. Yup, no one can be blamed for this... it is just something that happens in this industry.
  11. Guess I won't be riding it for at least a few weeks as this was my last free weekend for a while. Next week is studying for finals in school and the following week are finals themselves so I wont be able to go any time soon. Luckily my school ends early this year so I might be able to get there by mid June and hopefully during work and school hours the park will be decently empty...
  12. I might head to the park tomorrow if I can get a friend or two to tag along... How bad do you think lines will be tomorrow?
  13. I hope they have another Season Pass only date as both yesterday and today they experienced large periods of downtime... I know that once it's open to general public the line will be huge. Maybe they can do some ert one night for it? I just hope I get a chance to ride it this year as I was so close today, maybe about 5 cars from boarding.
  14. Overview: Went to the park today with school for a end of year field trip. When we arrived at 10:00 the park entrance was full with people from schools and other groups. We got in the park around 10:20. Overall the lines were decently short today, longest being 1 hour for Nitro. Besides that all were 30 minutes or less. I was with a group of 4 including me, who stayed together the whole time. Once again I realized how difficult it is to get through the park with people who don't enjoy coasters or know the park. I still had fun though as we are all good friends and had a good time. Just wis
  15. Just got home from the park and can confirm Joker did go down... I was about to enter the line but the employee who watches over lines wouldn't let me go with my medical bag. While I was talking to them the ride got stuck as seen in my first photo. I walked over and got a snack from the stand right there and watched to see how long it would take the ride to be operating again. Seeing that many people were leaving the line I then got on line in hopes of it opening again. This time there was a security guard there as well as the employee. The security guard let me on with my bag. The ride contin
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