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  1. wait so then where did the 5am rumor come from lol
  2. before i go to sleep, can someone verify the national announcement is 8 am EDT
  3. i second second, or is it third, or 22 that opinion. as of now im thinking justice league.
  4. just did the conversion and 7 am CDT is 8 am EST.... no wonder the site isnt up lol
  5. i saw the vid for the new joker rmc and it is aweome
  6. does anyone got the national announcement working or no? sites not workin for me
  7. Railer, i can see what the mods were doing and its nothing against you or against people who leak things, its not even about the leak in all honesty. The thing is this site and forum, has a special connection with the actual park itself. The connection is such a strong one that our members helped with the GA History museum and they even use our site to check on info regarding the Parks history. Technically, leaking or discussing any confidential information does in fact both breach trust and probably breach actual agreements. To most other sites and forums, this wouldnt matter. But for us, it is very important. We like i said have a special connection with the Park and even though you didnt mean any harm, posting things that "could" be legit could possibly damage our bond with the park. That is why the admins did what they did. We basically all knew what they were gonna announce way before today, but even though our "ideas" were basically confirmed, they still would of been considered speculations. Posting something that "may", even if not intentionally, of been from the park would not be a speculation and once again would breach trust. Thats just my logic on it, and if any admins want to they can correct me. Like i said before, please dont leave this site and community.
  8. Here is the unofficial chat room lol... http://www.chatzy.com/27120454414630 now we can all talk about it without needing to refresh the page every five minutes.
  9. Railer,please dont go. The admins are just being very strict about that kind of stuff because they want to keep out any spoilers and keep the discussion on a purely speculation basis. Personally, i dont 100% agree with their decision, but thats why they are admins and im not.
  10. You will need to wait until the "Top Secret Announcement Sunday Funday Extravaganza Extreme Online Prize Filled Experience Overflowing With Awesome Stuff" at 5 AM to find out! we should make a livechat or something so we can all talk about the announcement as it happens and stuff and before it happens. im gonna make one rn, and then go back to work, ill post the link for it in like an hour or so
  11. So i guess its kind of lucky but also unlucky, im finishing all my summer reading in two nights lol since i didnt starts school yet... i am gonna be up way past 5 anyway... once again i guess i could take a break from work for this "Top Secret Announcement Sunday Funday Extravaganza Extreme Online Prize Filled Experience Overflowing With Awesome Stuff" as they are calling it
  12. not sure if its true, but i hear the ride greeters (if that what they are called, im not sure but im talking about the people who stand at the front of the que and tell people wait times) were not stationed to any rides the past few days do to the under staffing issue
  13. There is nothing to feel bad about. If there is anyone who should feel bad, its the people who abuse the system.
  14. no one agrees with my "kiddie express" prediction? I'm just thinking we should get like a classic "kiddie coaster" kind of like Road Runner Railway, a Zamperla coaster of the exact same model as Road Runner Railway. But it would have to be much calmer than the Railway, probably getting rid of the semi-helix. Then we will put the ride on 200 foot stilts, and require an elevator to get to the loading area. Also, we will get custom made trains for special occasions!!! One of a caterpillar because why not, one of Santa and his reindeer for Christmas, and one of cartoonish ghosts and zombies for Halloween. Anyone agree with the prediction?
  15. a 227 foot 4d kiddie express with robotic arm (and caterpillar trains on special occasion)... that is my prediction, locked in!
  16. I was wondering about it because like i said, i have really bad knees. I am usually able to tough it out but thats only because i normally take advil before going to the park, to minimize pains. I really find it sad that this system can be misused and abused. There are so many people who could actually use it but dont get it, where as any random guest can get one for a made up disability. And I do know what coaster dude is saying with how some disabilities are invisible. I am sorry that you had to experience people harassing you over the pass. They were probably either A) really stupid teenagers (as a teen, i will admit alot of us do and say really dumb things) or B ) just ********. I didnt expect the pass to cut the line in the first place, its just for me and for my knees sake, i would much rather sit on a bench for an hour and a half, then stand for even a short 30 minute line.
  17. I know they only allow the person with the Equal Access Pass to bring a maximum of 3 guests with them. And robert i would look into it if i were you, since they will for sure give you a pass, especially if you have a card as proof for your reason needing it. Ive seen people get cards for things such as asthma, so they would definatley give you one for bad knees. That is actually the reason I was looking at their program. I have surprisingly bad knees for my age, and am probably going to need surgery on one knee within the next year or so. So even though im not disabled by a legal standpoint, i can barely walk after my few hours in the park. They should really get some sort of verification system for the Equal Access system. Ive seen people go to a local CVS, buy a brace for 10 bucks, and then go get the Pass... They should require people to show an ADA card, or a Veterans Disability Card, or a note from a doctor.
  18. Does anyone know how the parks current Equal Access Pass program works? I was wondering because ive never fully understood the Parks current system. Do people need to prove they need the pass and then are put in a database? How do they prove it?
  19. Hope you all have fun. Sadly I cant make it this year as a mix of me not finding anyone to go and me not knowing if I was going away or not Cant wait to see you all next year
  20. Matt is there any way to like reserve two spots or anything... or put them on hold or something? Im in the middle of trying to get someone to go with me. If its not possible, then dont worry.
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