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  1. Alright thanks! Just needed it to help in the convincing of friends.
  2. Matt do you happen to know on average how old most attendees are? Just trying to get a little more info on the event.
  3. Are you aware if there are any age restrictions with this event? If I attended one of the highlights for me would be the behind the scenes stuff, but would they not permit me since I am under 18?
  4. Im just here with a humble 66 lol. Its hard when you cant travel alot for rides. Next summer me and some friends might travel around for like a week and a half just visiting theme parks!
  5. i didnt check to see if the wheel was spinning. totally forgot about it. i was with a group of friends that arent really into the whole park history and park facts. they just like the rides lol. next time at the park ill take some pics for a photo trip report.
  6. Yah i think it was more in my mind than anything else lol. Maybe it was the train I was in.
  7. im surprised too! i think its because most people are in summer camps and similar programs this time of year. either attending the program or working at it. towards the end of the day, from about 4 until we left, the lines got longer, which makes sense because thats around when some jobs, summer camps, and other activities end.
  8. Today was a decent day at the park. went with two friends who are also coaster lovers Got in all the good rides and had some time to relax. Here is how it went in approximate 30 minute periods: 10:30 to 11:00 went on batman backwards three times!! It was actually much better than I expected it to be. There was about a 5 minute or so wait, but we went to the front and back rows, so the line was a little longer. Then right after going on this we went over to nitro. as of now the park was almost empty and especially in the sections farther from the entrance. 11:00 to 11:45 ish went on nitro twice in about 20 minutes. After this I got a little bit of nausea which was due to the fact that i hadn't eaten anything all day. we needed something to do while we waited the half hour so we went on the Dark Night for a little bit, probably about 5 times!!! There was literally no line for this ride, we were able to stay seated two of the 5 times, as there was no one next in line. 11: 45 ish to 12:00 we all needed to use the restroom so we went to the one next to studio 28 arcade. I got to admit for only being open a short amount of time so far, the bathroom was DISGUSTING. It looked like it hadnt been cleaned in a day or two. Maybe i just got a bad stall, but it was still gross either way. After the bathroom we went in the arcade for about 5-10 minutes, then went over to johnny rockets. 12:00 to 1:00 after johnny rockets, we went over to skull mountain. skull mountain was literally empty. We rode it about 3 times, and all 3 times each person in my group got our own row. There was one point where we got our own carts!!! I dont know why it was so dead at this time, but im not gonna complain about it lol. after skull mountain we got some snacks, i got a popcorn bag and everyone else got dippin dots. we sat down for a little and ate our snacks. then we headed back towards skull mountain to hop on the sky way. 1:00 to 2:00 on the skyway we argued about the height of it. i told them how its crazy to believe its 104 ft at its highest point and that its from an old worlds fair. they then argued that its not from the worlds fair and its only 40-50 ft at most. i then showed them six flags's website to end the debate lol. when we arrived we noticed runaway train had no line, so we went on it 3 times in a row, without getting up. after this we went over to bizarro where had an truly amazing experience. we went on it about 3-4 times, i dont remember exactly though. we had an awesome ride op though. he was making jokes and even managed to get everyone in line to sing together lol. he said on the microphone "we need to get some music in here" then someone screamed "we can sing" so then when he dispatched the next few trains, we would all chant with him "na na na , na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye". it was hilarious. he even made fun of the jersey boys music and advertising. he was like "get ready for two minutes of jersey boy free flips dives and twirls on bizarro". anyway... after that we walked over to el diablo and found it closed. 2:00 to 3:00 waited on line for el toro... met some cool people on line. played the app "heads up" with some other people on line. 3:00 to 3:30 rode el toro which was for some reason bumpier than its ever been before. Maybe i was just crazy but it felt a little bumpier. on our way back from el toro we saw that the animal walkway thing (i forgot its name) was open. we walked in and saw they had some otters out, one of those animals they talk about the "unicorn" with on the safari, a lion cub, and a sea lion in the sea lion stage area. It was nice to see the area being used again. apparently its going to be open every day from 12 to 5 as one of the trainers told me. i asked one and they said that female sea lions who just had babies are still at the park. all of the other lions are in another park which she didnt name. our male may not be back for a while because he is part of a breeding program and as she said "now that hes done his job here, he will go around to some other parks and do it there too". parts of it were cut off, but it was still nice to see open. 3:30 to 4:00 went over towards golden kingdom, stopped by superman and green lantern. didnt go on superman but rode green lantern once. hurt my legs as usual. then we walked into golden kingdom it self. zumanjaro had a long line so we skipped it, but instead went on King da Ka. 4:00 to 4:45 ish on line for king da ka 4:45 ish to 5:00 rode king da ka then walked back to the boardwalk. we played some games then started heading towards the best of the west. 5:00 to 5:30 ate at best of the west, got my favorite meal. sauced tenders, then put in 2-3 packets of that texas pete hot sauce. it gives the buffalo sauce more of a kick. 5:30 to 6:30 waited on a long long long line for the flume, then rode it and went under the shower thing to get even more wet lol. then we left the park. it was a good day, and got on alot of rides. RIDE TALLY : Batman Backwards x3 Nitro x2 Dark Night x5 Skull Mountain x3 Skyway x1 Bizzarro x3-4 Runaway Train x3 King Da Ka x1 El Toro x1 I regret wasting my time on dark night lol. could of ridden nitro again but at the time i was a little sick and did not want to push my luck **** all my times are approximate
  9. I signed up for the survey system, but never get any of the surveys. That day I did like five surveys about a bunch of things, but I never got another email from them...
  10. If you plan on bringing things that would require a locker. I would go with the 8 dollar all day locker. With that locker, whenever you go to a new ride, you can move the locker to that ride also. It is great when you have a group, as everyone can pitch in 2-3 dollars. The lockers are decently sized, and slot can be put in them if you just take a minute and think about what goes where. About little while ago I went with some friends, and we were able to fit 2 girls mini purse handbag things (idk what they are called lol) , 3 Souvenir Cups, and everyone's phone and wallet in the locker. The 8 dollar locker is only worth it if you know you are going to switch lockers at least 8 times. If you plan on going no almost every ride, then you will definatley use it. One more tip, which some people love, and some people hate, is to bring a small bag with you. Not a full backpack but one of those drawstring backpacks ( Like This : http://prntscr.com/7i7b6q )With one of these, you can put stuff in the bag when walking around. Lets say you win a prize, or buy some stuff when exiting the park, or go to the arcade, or anything else that involves carrying medium to larger sized objects. You arent going to want to walk around the entire day with them in your hands. You only have two hands, and so many pockets, so what do you do once they are full? Personally, i would bring a bag like this if you have it. Worst case scenario is you dont use it.
  11. Sadly, people cant keep a secret and the cat is already out of the bag. I was texting a friend, when he said "Oh by the way did you hear six flags is getting ______________". I acted dumb and was like "what do you mean" and "how did you find out". According to him, he saw a page on screamscape, and also on another site in some other language which auto-translated on chrome. Its sad that people cant keep secrets on this type of thing. Anyway, cant wait to see what comes next year.
  12. So can you still walk i that area, or is it closed off?
  13. Thats ironic you mention poison ivy now. The other day me the group i was with decided to walk back up to the pick-up area, rather than take the shuttle bus since it had easily a 3 bus wait. On the way back, my ankles almost got destroyed by poison ivy. Luckily i figured out what it was and avoided it. I guess my two years in boy scouts was good for one thing lol.
  14. ^yes that was it! Why did they take it out? It was a nice break from the craziness of a day at the park. And why is it still on the maps, just not labeled.
  15. I remember that there used to be like a mini walk through safari type area in the park. It had small things like tortoises and small animals. I think on the map they pictured it as having flamingos. What was this place called and is it still in the park? I beleive it was connected to the sea otter arena area.
  16. hmmm i feel like games would be the best place for me to work. i would be a natural at being on the mic calling people over and getting them excited.
  17. Literally no matter what is wrong with the ride, they always say "Minor technical difficulties". I honestly think the ride could set on fire, and they would still say that.
  18. So this summer is my last year "working" at camp as a CIT (counselor in training), and starting next summer I could work as a regular counselor. Here is my question, is a job at the park a good first job? I would want to work somewhere that has to do with people, such as games. I have a very fun and personable personalty, so i feel like a job in an area such as games would be a lot of fun and a great experience. So here is my question, if you had to choose between these two as a first job, which would you pick? And why? A) Camp Counselor for a Day Camp Some Job at Six Flags Also share any experiences/tips on landing a job at the park, and what your job(s) at the park were like. Based off of what people who I know at the park say, its an amazing job.
  19. That makes sense now, but i still wonder what the problem is. I wish that the workers there could tell you, instead of the same "At this time Bizarro is experiencing minor technical difficulties, you can stay on line or leave through the exit if you would like".
  20. Does anyone know whats wrong with Bizarro? There is one chronic problem that it always has. Whenever I am at the ride and it breaks down, I always see the mechanic people under the station platform, doing the exact same thing. So whats it's issue! I've heard a few rumors. One was that the metal platform that you use to get on the ride (the one that folds down) is slow on one side, and this can trigger the rides safety alert system thing. I also heard that it's something to do with one of the trains. Yesterday for example, Sunday, it broke down for at least 30 minute or so. They had the train where it wouldn't leave the station, so they tried a few times, then made the announcement for minor technical difficulties. After this, they finally got the train to leave after about ten minutes. Then they ran all 3 trains empty, better safe then sorry! When they loaded up the trains again, it once again broke down. After about 30 minutes it was running smoothly again but I do wonder what it is. It is something in the loading area, but what? Any info? Also, just out of curiosity, what brake run does the third train stop at? If all 3 trains are running, and one is stuck in the station, the second is waiting in the brake run behind it, where does the third stop? I know there are a few places it could but where?
  21. I was at the park on Saturday, and I don't know if it is always like this or not, but there was security guards in most of the ques. They were there just to stop line cutting i guess. Maybe? Anyway, I talked to a few of them about the park and the grand stand area, and unless they all just lied to my face, we are getting something BIG, a new COASTER next year. They said they don't have any details from the park yet, but in their years working here, it looks very similar to when new rides are built ground up, just this time there is a destruction phase as well. This is the first time I have ever seen security in the ques, and it was actually very nice. On the Nitro ques, in the five minutes I was near the security guard (near the entrance), they probably stopped at least five people from cutting and saying "oh my friend is up there" Also, just out of curiosity, where are they going to have 4th of July fireworks if grandstand is being worked on?
  22. I know this is a stupid question, and is probably in the wrong thread, but what would happen if superman got stuck? How would the riders get out of the ride and harnesses. Atleast if it got stuck on the lift hill, there is probably a manual or emergency way to operate the lift. But what if it got stuck somewhere along the track? I know this is unlikely and probably a stupid question, but i have never seen the ride stuck, and dont know what they would do if it happened.
  23. It would be interesting if they could incorporate the lake into a ride somehow. For example, a ride like superman, or X2, with parts that got up close to the lake would be really cool. I dont want that to happen anyway, because they would have to mess with the grandstand and all that stuff, but that would be a cool ride IMO. I could imagine parts of the ride where the coaster could dive, just close enough to the water to get your excitement up, but still far enough away to where its safe.
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