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  1. Another great surprise for this season! What if this is just an elaborate advertising scheme... they announce a "coaster" they know will cause a lot of debating, then, they announce a limited time run for another coaster, making the season somewhat better, and then they announce something huge, making this the best season in a long time. Due to all of this they get a lot of time in the news and press. Creating a buzz, for the park this means more people and more money. Im just kidding lol. but i could get used to these "surprises" as we get closer to the season maybe at 11:59 PM on April 2nd, they will announce that the park secretly built a roller-coaster lol
  2. IMO, they could use some intermediate/beginner rides. they do have skull mountain, but they need something that is still an intermediate ride, but has the aspects of the bigger, modern, steel coasters.
  3. Im serious. The line entrance was way past nitros normal entrance that night. Maybe it was less that 6 hours but i know it was at-least 4. Anyway... i will NEVER do that again no matter what ride it is.
  4. That will be giant! I hope they do it our of sight of the guests.
  5. I used to get hurt on every ride i went on. My head would bounce around even on the smoothest rides.
  6. Last season (2014) I went to fright fest once. It was so packed the park reached maximum occupancy and there were helicopters overhead monitoring. It was probably the busiest I've ever seen the park.I waited about 6 hours for Nitro that night...
  7. Have you ever been to a park where almost every ride is built by the same company. The best example I can think of is the new Luna Park. All of the newer rides are Zamperla or identical to Zamperla ride.
  8. Frisbee rides always used to get me sick. I havent been on one in years so maybe it will be better now.
  9. I remember something like this, with the operators for the old Jaws ride at Universal Studios. The operators were given scripts and were (unless its rumor) instructed NOT to deviate from them.
  10. I hope that when I get my first six flags job it is a Safari Tour Guide. I am planning on doing something in the animal sciences as major in college and life time career. I guess I technically already do that since whenever I attend the Safari with friends or family I always talk to them about the animals we are passing and go into some extra detail than tour provides. jdc, do the Safari Guides have scripts? Ive noticed that most safari tour guides say almost the exact same thing with the exact same jokes (e.g. saying the Udads sound like who that) Other times though, on occasion, I have had guides that stay similar to the others, but add their own flare and style. But really I just love the animals. Even if the safari was just silent I would go. To be completely honest, being that I have interests in animals and photography, the Safari has and always will be one of my favorite rides.
  11. I really want to go to coaster con but I have some questions first. Does anyone know how much admission to the event is? Can non-ACE members attend also?
  12. i need to attend one of these ACE events soon. maybe ill go to the next rotb
  13. how do you guys get these great things? i have park maps for the last ten years or so, some of those old promotional pins, and a picture of me drinking experimental coca cola flavors in that coke tent from a few seasons ago.
  14. ^ Maybe not RT carts since i wouldn't want to ruin them. They could have carts hanging from the ceiling in the center of the restaurant. It would be kind of like the statue in BOTW.
  15. To be completely honest, I am kind of happy about the storm. We didn't really have any this year. I want it to be only like a foot though.
  16. I just had the best idea ever! They retheme the now G.A. cafe to look as if it were right out of the old park and put the former history museum in it.
  17. Thats awesome! The park should keep something like this open all year round, its a shame that many great pieces of history sit rotting at the park. I heard somewhere (i dont think it's true though) that they still have a freefall car, which would of been an awesome addition to the museum. Im guessing that Six Flags know about this website lol so maybe if we all talk about it, it will become an annual thing, but that's just a hope.
  18. i went there and it was truly amazing. how much of the artifacts were given to the park by outside sources?
  19. ^ i see what your saying. but the reputation six flags has made is not really of a family park. like many on the forums have said, it has become a teen hangout in recent years. i would think that families wouldn't want to go somewhere with the crowd six flags has. and by families i am talking about parents with little ones. i would think that most 5 year olds arent going on zumanjaro or el diablo any time soon. I just feel that six flags keeps swaying farther from the family style park and more towards a thrill park.
  20. ^ sadly, these are not the things the park is really made for now. Great Adventure has become more of a rollercoaster park than anything else. themed sections arent important to them as there are few families that go anymore.
  21. ^^ me too! Lets hope we are not having a delayed winter lol. Lets hope its nice out for April 3rd. Im not worried about snow but rain could be a problem.
  22. Im not sure lol. I just noticed he down time as my normal ritual on a warm day is to go on the rapids and then take a back seat on nitro as a quick way to dry off lol!
  23. Closed as in it had the little sign in front about maintenance and the worker standing there saying "its closed right now" with no knowledge of when it would be back up and running
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