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  1. I have a couple of points on this topic. 1. I do not think raising the cost of season passes will help it that much. Its just the crowd this kind of park appeals to. It has become more of a "Thrill Park" than a family oriented place. 2. Another thing you have to realize is a lot of the undesired crowds you see are from summer camps. most of these kids get a season pass from the camp anyway, so the price change wouldn't rule out these kids either. 3. To be completely honest, and I don't want to be mean, the security at six flags could not really protect against fighting and line cutting. I have seen instances where security guards are thrown to the ground by park guests who broke the rules. 4. Also if six flags wanted to stop a large amount of line cutting, they need to remap their ques. There are plenty of spots, even as a non line cutter, that i have noticed, which would make it super easy to cut lines. probably the worst one in my opinion, which i wont describe here because i don't want to give anyone ideas, is by el toro. There is a way to literally get into the loading area, while bypassing the entire line. Lastly, the only people I ever let cut in line are groups of small children from camps/schools. They are required to stay together and when a camp counselor or teacher is with one or two kids who for example went to the bathroom when everyone else got on the line, and it is only going o make a five minute difference or so, then i will allow it. I only do this for kids who are young though. i would never do this for a high-school student or even a middle school student. The real reason i let these children with their chaperones cut is because i too have been in that situation.
  2. Of the things that the park planned on building, but never built, which of them do you wish they had completed. I personally think the safari tour boats and cyclone coaster would have been very interesting if built. Here is the page that list the attraction they planned on adding to the park, but never did. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/GAPBNBHP.htm
  3. Does anyone know why Congo Rapids had so much down time last year? If i remember correctly, it was shut down at least half the time I was there. I never really looked into why this was. I hope its not a sign of the rides removal!
  4. I have gone on almost every current ride including the up-charges. The only ride I have not been able to get on is Zumanjaro. Every time I go to the park, that ride either breaks down or has a four hour line. The few times i could of gone on it,no one else in my group was convinced to do it. Next season I am going to go with another coaster enthusiast on a dead day, probably a Tuesday or Wednesday, and make sure we go on Zumanjaro first. And to the person that said the twister restraints look painful, you are correct, they hurt.
  5. That makes sense. I was thinking to myself that it looked like a mini development.
  6. Does anyone know what that giant group of buildings next to the helix on nitro is? There are about 50 identical buildings in a small cluster. Are those the offices for park staff?
  7. This is very true, but you also have to realize that great adventure is known for these things. They are always the ones who always come out with record breakers and top rides. I do see where the people who feel we need a new ride are coming from, but i agree with you. We do have an ample amount of great rides to hold us over for a season or two while they gain some budget. Think about it this way, the longer they wait, the more budget they have for a ride.
  8. In this climate, you can get a foot of snow in November some years. I would much rather go when it is a little cold an might rain a bit than miss days due to snow.
  9. I had a dining pass last year and it was great! For people who visit the park often it really is worth it. Its great that they added snacks to the menu. It was a waste last year to have one whole meal left when all i wanted was a pretzel or something similar. The ice cream bars and the dippin dots are probably my favorite additions to the snack section I wonder what the new G.A Cafe will look like?
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