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  1. There’s two possiblities after these improvements 1. They’re doing them to make the park look good in case a ride that would significantly increase attendance from a major new ride/section 2. (Most likely) the park spent the money that would go towards said project on park improvements
  2. If the Skywarp rumors are true hopefully we will at LEAST get it in a package like SFOT's last year.
  3. All I know is that something has to be done. My friend hurt his back on it the other day.
  4. Does anyone know if the lockers are going to be free, and have finger scanners like universal with attendants available in case the system cannot read your finger when you return?
  5. I bet they have been kicking their behinds about that one
  6. I am thinking about going tomorrow, and am wondering what the crowds will be like. If anyone has an estimate for wait times that would be appreciated
  7. Wicked Cyclone, Superman, and the New England sky screamer are must rides Hotel: Holiday Inn Express (Bradley Int'l Airport) Affordable, close, and no traffic.
  8. If I were renaming it today I would give it "Down Adventure" since so many rides break down. For example last Tuesday Joker was down, Superman broke when I wasn't in line for it, El Toro went down for the rest of the day while waiting in line, and King da Ka broke twice while waiting for it.
  9. I'm at 59 in between the OC, NJ parks, GA, Hershey, Disney Parks (FL), Busch Gardens (FL), Seaworld (FL), Wildwood NJ, Hershey, and Storybook Land when I was younger as I live <15 minutes away.
  10. There is a new update available for IOS that includes a GPS system like Hershey's
  11. If we end up going there what can we expect crowds to be like?
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