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  1. I got to ride this yesterday and boy, what an amazing ride. I was riding on the purple side and I spinned probably about a good 3-4 times. But its pretty hard to count when you're on the ride. What an amazing addition to this park!!
  2. This website and attractions listed look amazing and too good to be true. I hope Great Adventure doesn't pull the additional fee card this time around!
  3. The cast of Hamilton the musical will be in attendance tonight!
  4. The park's scare factor would increase 100% if they turned the lights down
  5. Anybody know how much it is for a single ticket to a trail?
  6. Witnessed an angry middle-aged woman yell at a scareactor for scaring her & doing his job while he was IN his designated SCARE zone. PSA: if you don't want to be frightened, don't come to FRIGHT Fest!
  7. I think this confirms Old Country will be open during HITP! https://twitter.com/artslayrave/status/647946419425406976
  8. This is really cool. https://instagram.com/p/7RfIMgo2BY/I'd love too see projections this year at Fright Fest & HITP especially since Movietown is rumored to be a new scarezone so that would be a perfect place for one!
  9. I thought that was gonna happen as well. Weren't they supposed to be getting those a few years ago?
  10. Great Adventure changed the new scare zone back to Demon District..mmmmhh
  11. Thats A LOT of lights. Looks like the whole front of the park will be lit up when you walk in
  12. So interested to see what they do with Big Top Terror
  13. Why don't you just wait until September 3rd for the announcement haha
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