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  1. Off topic but can we all agree that the Jim Reid Anderson era of Six Flags additions that took place from 2012 - 2020 was absolutely awful? The chain focused on giving parks one addition per year and nothing else (no park improvements on anything) and often times parks with lots of money and were in high income areas class wise were prioritized. With the improvements GAdv has announced as well as the Medusa retheme, it makes me believe that the future of this park is incredibly bright and that the terrible JRA era is long gone.
  2. I have a feeling Six Flags is done with yearly additions for each park but I could be wrong.
  3. I would be cool with this but I wouldn't want them to remove the fog/fire effects. Those give the coaster alot of charm already, and besides, this is the only Bizarro themed ride in the chain now since the one in New England was rethemed (same with Green Lantern since the one in California is also gone)
  4. Only issue is that's where the queue line for Zumanjaro is, in fact Zumanjaro was essentially RTs replacement.
  5. I do think the entire area over by Superman and GL needs work. What really bothers me is the empty pavement in between GL and the Golden Kingdom, I wish that space was actually used for something, my suggestion would be to expand the Golden Kingdom so that it's more than just a way to get to Kingda Ka. Maybe relocate the Safari Kids area theme over to that spot or something.
  6. Perhaps a ride would be removed to make room for it. Personally I would like to see Green Lantern gone because it's an awful ride that adds nothing to our coaster lineup, but that's just my opinion.
  7. With Fiesta Texas' announcement yesterday, I'm thinking there is a chance that we could see a clone of their dive machine headed over here sometime in the distant future (a couple years from now). Six Flags has added coasters to FT and then cloned them and/or added slightly altered versions of them for GAdv a year or two later on two separate occasions (the freespin and JDC) so it wouldn't surprise me if this is something they are looking to do. It would be cool seeing a dive machine here as the nearest one is around an eight hour trip, and would easily be a top four ride in the park. That being said this is probably more of a wishlist type post than an actual prediction, but it's just an idea because often times Six Flags throws certain attractions in FT and GAdv, and then the rest of the parks. Realistically I could see this happening in three or four years if they actually do go through with it. edit: I just realized that 2024 will be GAdv's 50th anniversary, we could potentially see something like this then.
  8. Here's a park improvement idea I think would go a long way. I would like to see a walkway somehow connecting the front of the park (once you made it past the entrance) to the boardwalk area or by Superman and GL. It's always a pain having to walk all the way around just to get over there and now that Kingda Ka and Toro are connected, it would make getting to those rides a lot easier as well.
  9. It wouldn't be the first time they have done this, last time we saw this was in 2017 with their Raptor. I think they'll likely get a coaster this year.
  10. I genuinely believe this would be perfect for GAdv as it likely won’t require as high of a maintenance and fills in the gap of another woodie that we’ve been desperately missing for awhile now.
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong but FT is celebrating an anniversary this year I think? It’ll be cool to see what comes from that
  12. I am a fan of this idea, but I hope they’d remove Green Lantern to make room for it. Another wooden coaster is probably the biggest gap in the coaster lineup right now and Green Lantern is an awful ride that would fit better in the scrapyard. The entire boardwalk I think should be renovated too, especially the area past the carnival games leading to Superman and Green Lantern. It’s basically a parking lot section of the park. As for next year realistically I expect a cryptid themed kids area in the obvious location considering Road Runner will be returning likely as Lil’ Devil. I don’t really see how a ride like that would fit into a Bugs Bunny Boomtown/DC Super Friends themed area which is why I threw those two ideas out the window, and hey, the more original theming the better.
  13. Honestly as long as it's a faster construction than what was built at our Western counterpart (WCR at MM) I'm happy. That being said, the progress was really good, shame that it has to end for the time being.
  14. I have to agree, we're pretty lucky to have guys as dedicated as you and @EasternThrills when it comes to following the construction of the coaster. Keep up the good work!
  15. Atleast someone will be taking pictures of the sight this Sunday..
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