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  1. Here's a park improvement idea I think would go a long way. I would like to see a walkway somehow connecting the front of the park (once you made it past the entrance) to the boardwalk area or by Superman and GL. It's always a pain having to walk all the way around just to get over there and now that Kingda Ka and Toro are connected, it would make getting to those rides a lot easier as well.
  2. It wouldn't be the first time they have done this, last time we saw this was in 2017 with their Raptor. I think they'll likely get a coaster this year.
  3. I genuinely believe this would be perfect for GAdv as it likely won’t require as high of a maintenance and fills in the gap of another woodie that we’ve been desperately missing for awhile now.
  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but FT is celebrating an anniversary this year I think? It’ll be cool to see what comes from that
  5. I am a fan of this idea, but I hope they’d remove Green Lantern to make room for it. Another wooden coaster is probably the biggest gap in the coaster lineup right now and Green Lantern is an awful ride that would fit better in the scrapyard. The entire boardwalk I think should be renovated too, especially the area past the carnival games leading to Superman and Green Lantern. It’s basically a parking lot section of the park. As for next year realistically I expect a cryptid themed kids area in the obvious location considering Road Runner will be returning likely as Lil’ Devil. I don’t really see how a ride like that would fit into a Bugs Bunny Boomtown/DC Super Friends themed area which is why I threw those two ideas out the window, and hey, the more original theming the better.
  6. Honestly as long as it's a faster construction than what was built at our Western counterpart (WCR at MM) I'm happy. That being said, the progress was really good, shame that it has to end for the time being.
  7. I have to agree, we're pretty lucky to have guys as dedicated as you and @EasternThrills when it comes to following the construction of the coaster. Keep up the good work!
  8. Atleast someone will be taking pictures of the sight this Sunday..
  9. Personally I won't really care about any ride specs as long as this ride doesn't get cloned throughout the chain. GAdv is SF's second biggest park that ranks near the top in population center and in attendance, so it makes an addition like this being added to our park justified, a Raptor that's larger scale in almost every way. I think the smaller parks will likely see the Wonder Woman clones due to their cheap cost, and considering that they were able to put one it at a small to moderately sized park like Fiesta Texas makes that addition justified. This is also why I don't think we will see a TRex in the chain either. From what I've heard they will likely be very expensive, and considering the fact that GAdv and SF were willing to go all out on the Raptor concept instead of waiting a few years for the TRex concept to be ready for production makes me think that we won't see one in the chain anytime soon due to SF's budget friendly business model, especially since their model has no plan of changing even after JRA's retirement next year.
  10. That would be cool but of course there will definitely be parents who won't want their toddlers riding a devil themed coaster.
  11. The drop is going to be 130ft tall. The station isn't going to be ground level.
  12. So that was the case back when our Batman was painted yellow, and then they changed it to blue and black when MM and OG repainted their Batman rides, and then they changed it back again afterwards? Was this due to The Dark Knight movie?
  13. I think they’re going to give it a fresh coat of paint for next season too which is awesome. I hope they give it a blue coat of paint so that we won’t have two yellow coasters sitting next to one another anymore.
  14. If RRR gets moved to the Golden Kingdom I have a strong feeling it replaces Splashwater Oasis. It would fit perfectly in that spot.
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