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  1. Any news on 2016? Yet again I wouldn't think it would be a good idea to spoil it.
  2. I honestly want a good thrill ride, and we have gotten some great rides in the past up until 2007. The last big attraction we've added to the park was in 2011 and that was a relocated ride that was over 10 years old. Now that some other Six Flags parks have received some awesome attractions I believe it's our turn, and after all we are a flagship park and we are overdue for a new roller coaster. I know our park is claiming that El Diablo is a coaster, but it isn't and they know it isn't. I would honestly love to get a Dive Machine or a clone of Full Throttle in our park. After all I feel most people have forgotten that our park is still relevant ever since Magic Mountain re-themed Superman back in 2011 and added another coaster the same year. I believe another coaster will help draw new crowds to the park after all as some of our rides have taken the world by storm. 2016 is the year for Great Adventure and I will not renew my season pass if we don't get a coaster.
  3. I personally think we need more of a thrill ride. I think a ride like Full Throttle at Magic Mountain would be cool, I think the park would really be awesome with a second launch coaster especially by Premier Rides.
  4. I seem to agree with a lot of your opinions lol. Like I said to completely honest I would just want a B&M Wing Rider or a Premier Rides launch coaster similar to Full Throttle at Magic Mountain. Just my opinion.
  5. The thing is most people won't want a ride just because of its capacity. Me as well as many others want a really good thrill ride such as a Launched B&M Wing Rider or a Full Throttle type ride from Premier Rides. That's just my opinion though and I guess a free fly coaster could work out. But I doubt that Free Fly coasters would a become a trend in Six Flags parks like Wooden Remakes are.
  6. This. Six Flags is not one that puts Giga Coasters in their parks. I'm honestly hoping for a Full Throttle clone or something else insane from Premier Rides. I don't want an S&S 4D ride, I want something insane that will bring more guests to the park.
  7. I mean, a giga for me for some reason just doesn't really fit, and even though Giga coasters are common in Cedar Point, Carowinds, Canadas Wonderland ect. Those are all Cedar Fair parks, and I don't think Six Flags would really be in to adding Gigas in Any Six Flags park any time soon.
  8. The problem with a Giga Coaster is we already have Nitro, which continually gets the Golden Ticket award. I've been dreaming for a ride like X2 but I doubt that will happen any time ever. I would love a ride from Premier Rides such as Full Throttle though, but If Six Flags gives Magic Mountain a Coaster and us nothing then I will loose myself.
  9. Thanks, another idea is an Iron Thunder or Twisted Thunder addition since it's been done in about 4-5 Six Flags parks already (another reason it might not be done) but El Toro is considered by many to be the best Woodie in the world that also may be a reason that an Iron version of Thunder may not happen. Especially since Rolling Thunder was closed to make room for a ride that isn't an upgrade to Rolling Thunder.
  10. No, a standing B&M helps make the park unique and another floorless coaster risks the being of Bizarro, which is fine just the way it is.
  11. I'm new to the site and I think that we should get a new coaster next year. I know we did get Green Lantern not too long ago, but Magic Mountain has been getting new thrills mostly every year. To be honest I'm hoping for a ride like Full Throttle that's original.
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