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  1. Magic Mountain is probably adding a Dive Coaster for next year, as it's been rumored for awhile now and I think it would complete their coaster line up. Plus it would be their 20th coaster. Fiesta Texas already has an RMC coaster in their park so adding another one would be useless.
  2. Despite us not getting a full-scale coaster for awhile, I doubt Six Flags even cares enough to do the math and realize what each park actually needs. For example, every single coaster at Six Flags America (or most of them if I'm not correct) is a relocation/clone. I agree, we need a coaster, I just doubt that the Six Flags corporation even cares to give us anything notable right now. Plus, other parks need a new coaster more than we do. When's the last time St Louis has gotten a coaster?
  3. El Toro will never be RMC'd. It will ruin it's authenticity.
  4. Despite having been to Six Flags Magic Mountain and really enjoying it, it still makes me angry seeing them get something good almost every year. At this point, every Six Flags park except for Magic Mountain will be getting 4D Free Fly Coasters and weak RMC's for the next few years (referring to the Joker at Discovery Kingdom, not saying it's bad, but it just looks weaker than most other RMC's out there)
  5. Speaking of recent additions, I haven't ridden The Joker yet. It'll be interesting seeing how good it is compared to X2 (they aren't comparable really, but it's only other 4D coaster I've ridden). Well back on topic, an dueling RMC is all I'm asking for. I loved Twisted Colossus, and having a coaster like that at our park would be simply incredible. I know it's a bit selfish asking for a coaster after we just got one, but out of all the possible coasters that we could get after 2017, an RMC would make the most sense.
  6. The problem I have with clones is that they are unoriginal. In the future (maybe in the next few years) I'd like to see us get a coaster that will have people flying from across the country just to ride it.
  7. Threads like this always explode at this time of year, and the two weeks before announcements are crazy.
  8. It would be hilarious if we actually got an RMC. Our park getting an RMC next year almost as unrealistic as Kevin Durant leaving for the Warriors, but we all know how that turned out. You never know what could happen really. I still think a Justice League Dark Ride would be a better fit for our park at this time, and a more realistic one.
  9. Of course I'm not looking for another B&M coaster, but that Premier Rides Full Throttle type coaster, or a Gold Striker type roller coaster from GCI is the coaster we are truly missing.
  10. Woah, didn't think my comment would get this much attention, but at the same time I don't really seem to care. I clearly wasn't talking about Wicked Cyclone or any of those others rides. Just look at the Joker, does't seem very interesting. It lacks originality. Rides like Outlaw Run, Wicked Cyclone, and many other RMCs all have something unique about them. The Joker for some reason I think is probably an idea that Six Flags will start adding to other parks. It should be crystal clear that I was talking about the Joker when I made referenced "knock off" RMCs.
  11. Right now, Six Flags additions in the future will be screwed as all we will be seeing until further notice are knock off RMC coasters and Free Spins. Speaking of RMC, yeah, that "one track" idea seems stupid and I would rather have a dueling launched coaster be built by Premier Rides. I'm just saying.
  12. Despite how rough RMT can get, I still think it shouldn't be removed. It's a good family roller coaster and really the only family roller coaster we have. Plus, it would be extremely weird to see Batman being the oldest coaster running in the park.
  13. Well I'm just confused as why people think our line up is great. I mean it's better than a lot of other parks which is good, but we have Superman, Batman, Bizarro, and Total Mayhem as clones, and Green Lantern as a relocation. Fits in to why everyone loves Nitro and El Toro so much, they are unique coasters that include things people like such as airtime and intense turns. We need another coaster like that in our line up, because five B&M's is no where near originality.
  14. Not every park has a sit down looping coaster, but most parks certainly have more than one wooden roller coaster. A wooden roller coaster is definitely needed, and an idea is that we can remove Bizarro by 2019 or 2020, and put a GCI or RMC in it's spot. Old Country can be used for that supposed dueling launch coaster by Premier Rides.
  15. While a Justice League Dark Ride should really be added before anything, if we do happen to get a new coaster, I certainly hope it will be some kind of wooden coaster. We have 14 roller coasters, and out of all of them, El Toro is our only woodie, which makes our line up look incredibly strange. I think a steel coaster being added after Total Mayhem is not a good idea. Whether it's an RMC or a GCI, it doesn't really matter. Once we get the JL Dark Ride, a woodie is definitely needed. They can place it in Old Country, or, if they happen to remove Bizarro (they probably will very soon to be completely honest) they can place the coaster in it's spot, and can be western themed, which would be very unique to the line up, as some great wooden coasters have been themed after the Wild West (Outlaw Run, Gold Striker, Lightning Rod, ect)
  16. Well we know that the core of Great Adventures capacity problem is the lack of cubbies for peoples items while riding, and that they need to spend $1 just to ride the coaster pretty much. I had a bag while waiting for Nitro, and once I was able to ride, they wouldn't even let me put it near the exit. Knowing Total Mayhem will most likely be the same, expect it to be even more of a disaster. To be honest, something like Full Throttle would be good for the park, but a wooden coaster or RMC is a bigger priority as we currently have a wooden coaster surrounded by five B&M's (and other coasters, of course)
  17. My honest issue is that I think this coaster isn't good fit for Great Adventure, and Great Adventure certainly ins't a good fit for the coaster. We get large crowds, so chances are we will have to wait 3-4 hours just to get on a ride that is 30-40 seconds long. I personally think another wooden coaster is maybe the only coaster we really needed. Meanwhile, Great America has received a Wingrider and RMC the last few years, Magic Mountain received Green Lantern First Flight, Full Throttle, Twisted Colossus, and Apocalypse in the last six years, and we have recieved (in the same time period) a relocated ride, a drop tower, and this low capacity disaster, which not to mention is a clone. We also lost three coasters in the same time period.
  18. I think Bizarro should be repainted if it doesn't get re-themed. Medusa's colors are starting to show back up.
  19. I personally wouldn't mind them bringing back Medusa in 2017. The re-theme to Bizarro was a disaster due to the Audio always having issues to where they had to remove it in 2013. I know they spent a lot of money on the re-theme to Bizarro, but bringing Medusa back would probably be cheaper if the are planning on getting rid of most of the theming on the ride, and there isn't really a problem with keeping the mist, especially on the corkscrews. They could also add the JL Dark Ride in 2017 as well, and 2018 would be when we get the dueler.
  20. I'd say that is also a bold statement but you should realize that this has been the only instance where we were excited about a disappointment and were upset by the addition. Since we have no clue what we are getting 2017, everything is an open book. If a certain rumor starts, I'll glad that I will be here to see why that rumor is likely to come true.
  21. Well, you have to understand why some people are a bit upset by an addition like this. Most people were predicting a larger more unique version of the Free Spin. Also, just because "The Joker" is an RMC doesn't mean it isn't new. That attraction was certainly the highlight of the 2016 additions. The biggest thing to be honest was the fact this was leaked last night while everyone was excited for announcements, and half of the people upset about the attraction are pissed due to the ride being leaked, basically ruining the joy of watching the announcements (myself included)
  22. I'm certainly hoping for a the Dueler in 2017, but that is somewhat of a bold prediction. A Justice League Dark Ride would seem to be a more realistic fit, but as Railer said, Fitzgerald's #1 Priority is no dead areas in the park. I honestly am excited to see what 2017 entails.
  23. I have to say I am very disappointed with the addition. You think Six Flags would owe us a larger model since we were supposed to get this in 2015, as you can tell they didn't even make a new animation for 2016, just used the one from last year (No El Diablo in the background) Most of us didn't even want an addition like this, and just as we started to feel better about the 220ft model, and realizing it's a good fit for the park, we find out we are getting a clone. Hopefully the future entails additions to the park actually worth being excited for in 2017.
  24. Getting a clone from a park like Fiesta Texas is just embarrassing. Talk about being neglected, and at this point, I don't care if my posts get removed.
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