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  1. My Prediction for Great Adventure Future: 2016: 10 Inversion 220ft S&S 4D Free Spin Coaster / Bonzai Pipelines for Hurricane Harbor (We were supposed to get them in 2012, but they were delayed for 2016) 2017: Justice League: Battle for Metropolis Dark Ride 2018: Premier Rides Dueling Launch Coaster in Old Country 2019: Flat Ride or Family Attraction 2020: Overall Park Improvements and Re Painting Some of the Coasters. This is just a predicition, so I may be wrong.
  2. I'm extremely happy with the announcement time. I don't want to be sneaking on my phone during class to look at the announcements, then be two hours late posting them on my Instagram to be bombarded with comments saying "late". Just saying, works really well for people like me.
  3. We aren't getting an RMC. El Toro is basically on the same level as an RMC, if we were to get a Woodie we would get a GCI.
  4. Well it looks like this thread will be getting loads of attention for the rest of today and tomorrow. Any last predictions?
  5. The announcement is basically a day away. Who's excited?
  6. Theme Park Maniacs posted an article which should be on their front page, where they had connections with the Six Flags Corporate Team in Texas, which released the info that the attraction for 2016 would be "two toned" Red and Orange. We are not sure if this is real info yet, but that's what we will find out in less than two days.
  7. Six Flags sent out surveys for some parks and one of the coasters featured was a Mobius Dueling Premier Rides Launch Coaster. We think it will come to our park in the near future because we used to have the Chiller, and now that we lost our other dueler in Rolling Thunder, it's a gap that needs to be filled. For 2016 we are probably getting the Free Spin, and that is going in a Dead Area of the park with the purpose to bring some life to that side of the park. The Dueler can go in Old Country, the other dead area of the park, where the Chiller was in fact located before it was removed in 2007. I would rather see the Free Spin this year and the Dueler in 2017 or 2018 though, rather than just the Dueler in 2016. I'd say the Dueler would fit much better in Old Country rather than the previous location of the Grandstand.
  8. Something like that would probably go to Fiesta Texas
  9. Beside the Lakefront, the Coaster would look better Blue in my opinion. Every single potential leak or hint we get always has us confused on one piece of information we see such as "two toned colors" or something along those lines. A ride themed towards The Flash wouldn't make sense with the colors Red and Orange, and Red and Yellow seem like a much better for a ride themed after that character. I must say though I could definitely see a Free Spin themed after the the Flash, and since the Flash Pass Station is closest to the Grandstand/Fort Independence area, I could definitely see the park theming the ride after the Flash.
  10. If GOLIATH ends up being what we end up getting, on the Lakefront, it will end up being one of the most intimidating coasters ever built.
  11. The name Total Mayhem was an area for Fright Fest listed on Six Flags Website, so the name Total Mayhem won't be used for a coaster, but for a Fright Fest attraction such as a Maze, Haunted House, or Area. Plus, everyone's predictions can change, and I do believe the name will probably end up being Goliath, and we will have one of the most INTIMIDATING coasters ever built on the lakefront.
  12. The dueler could be themed to Something like Batman VS Riddler, or Riddler VS Joker. I've always wanted a Riddler themed ride to go in our park.
  13. That's something I like to hear Now I'm excited for 2017 Speculation, as we can get something really cool the park hasn't seen before. But as for the Free Spin, I believe it's a good edition even though some people don't think it is. Anything that makes Nitro's line shorter is fine with me
  14. Yes, and I'm saying that S&S is not the best company to get from, as many other people would rather have a coaster from Premier Rides or Intamin.
  15. I guess I can wait, as it's not even confirmed that is what we are getting. Nothing has changed since we first speculated a Free Spin and now, and just us getting closer to the announcements doesn't mean anything. At this point, with all of these fake leaks, I'm not going to believe anyone until the announcements.
  16. I thought that was already something that was discussed earlier in this thread, and that the Ride Operators don't have a say in the number of spins a rider experiences during the ride. They can the adjust fins, yes, but only when the ride is closed or the park is closed.
  17. Well first off since a lot of us are basically sealing the deal on what we think is coming to the park, it's obvious we know a little about the ride. Next, is there honestly a problem with having an opinion? Not everyone is happy with an addition that any park gets for that matter. Plus stating that we should get a good coaster and pointing out our past as a reference is not classified as "bashing the park". I think that we should get something that most people will be happy with, and that is just my opinion. If you are tired of reading what I have to say, then don't read it at all. It's simple. Not to mention everyone thinks differently about what they think IS coming to the park and what they think SHOULD come to the park. And that is basically what this discussion is for.
  18. It's ideal for them being fine with a Free Spin. They have gotten a record breaking RMC and a Good Quality Wingrider within the past five years, when all we have really received besides GL (not even a brand new coaster, in fact over 10 years old previously) was a Safari expansion and a Drop Tower.
  19. I just don't like the idea of a Free Spin in general really. Not many people like the idea of it either. Hopefully it isn't just a vertical wild mouse all the way to the bottom, and an intense element is included. Also, don't get hyped up about the whole 220ft tall thing. The other 10 inversion model is only 160ft, and knowing Six Flags Great Adventure, that I feel is what they will probably go with.
  20. People wouldn't be complaining about a Wingrider, trust me. People would complain about the Free Spin not having any adrenaline rush to it really. Even if we have too many B&M's, it doesn't really matter that much. If the GP complains that's their fault, and like the Larson Loop, they will change their minds when they actually ride it for the first time.
  21. I know it's a new coaster, but here me out. The only reason why people were so excited about the Free Spin to begin with, is because it was the first of it's kind. People go crazy over that even if it's not very thrilling. I guarantee these Free Spins won't be getting anyone's attention in a few years. Now look at what some other parks have been getting. They have been getting RMC's, Premier Ride Launch Coasters, Wingriders, you name it. We have been wanting those kinds of attractions to come to the park since they were first introduced, and now, since we are a flagship park, even if you classify Green Lantern as "new", we are still overdue for a new coaster as it has been five years since we have gotten one. And here is my last point. People have been saying that a Free Spin, even though it's neglected by some of us, the GP will surely be very interested in it and would love to ride it. But think of it like this, which ride do you think the GP would be more excited for/prefer? A Wingrider/RMC, or a Free Spin? Now I know that is an opinionated question, but think about it. A majority will surely prefer the more intense rides, and Wingriders/RMC's are just that.
  22. Well, considering we deserve a good coaster now we haven't gotten a brand new thrilling coaster since 2006, a regular Free Spin wouldn't seem to cut it. A Ten Inversion 4D Free Spin model, that is 220 ft, would JUST be making the cut. Something like that is something I would love to see. Here is an OFFICIAL picture I found of the 4D Free Spin Models released by S&S. If you look at the 10 inversion model, it says it is 67 M, which is equivalent to 220 ft. And looking at that model, it looks like something I would love to see at the park, especially in the Grandstands footprint. I hope we get this more than anything else now. http://i.imgur.com/SMbsA8L.jpg
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