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  1. Well back to speculation, what kind of Free Spin, if we get one, will it be? The 10 inversion model appears to be 220ft.
  2. I'm hearing it might be a Free Spin that is 160ft. That's taller than Bizarro, Superman, and Green Lantern and would be the 4th tallest coaster in the park.
  3. With a name like Goliath, the attraction could very well be anything.
  4. Well yes, the picture of the blue track was just a photoshopped picture of BTR track. So as of right now, we have absolutely no idea what kind of coaster we could be getting, and I honestly don't feel like speculating anymore and I will just wait for the announcement.
  5. If you were being sarcastic about it then you would have pointed that out immediately. Instead a heated argument lashed out in this thread and you didn't say anything.
  6. That is probably the case. With RMC dominating the coaster industry they need something else to spend their money on
  7. I doubt we would get a Wingrider (sorry for going off topic, just speculating) Because any B&M addition to any park probably would have been leaked by now.
  8. Now I'm not even sure whether I should believe the whole Jackson Meeting where we were supposedly "confirmed" to get a new coaster. At this point the only thing I will really believe is the actually announcement itself.
  9. Before people start linking pictures, please provide some background info. You can't just post a random picture and claim it's real without any background info/sources.
  10. I doubt it, but it would probably be the 2017 addition to the park.
  11. Well Theme Park Maniacs claim that they received the photo from an anonymous user online, so it is probably fake now that I think about it.
  12. Like I said, the plans may have changed, and our complaining may have actually done something. I'm not sure.
  13. Well if the hotel without a coaster becomes a reality, well, lets just say that the negativity about the Free Spin actually did something.
  14. Well the post also claimed that a source said that with the hotel, a coaster would also be included in the addition.
  15. Well according to an Instagram Coaster account my friend runs (so I'm not too sure if this is accurate) is claiming that GADV's 2016 plans have been leaked. The info I just found was on Theme Park Maniacs, and if you want, you guys can check it out.
  16. True, I would much prefer a solid coaster over anything we are rumored to get right now.
  17. I honestly don't know how to feel about Poltergeist coming to our park if it miraculously happens. It would add another launch coaster, but coasters like Poltergeist are somewhat old and would be very weird in my opinion.
  18. I signed up for their newsletter, although it would be kind of useless since most people don't really go on the Six Flags site, just look for the reveal video on youtube.
  19. He is predicting we are getting an S&S 4D Free Fly, and the tracks for those coasters a fabricated by RMC. I'm trying to argue that since no purposeful leaks by Screamscape or any other popular coaster network have really tried to tackle that with evidence, that we can;t just assume that will happen.
  20. Well Six Flags has definitely kept things incredibly hush so far. All people can really do is try to piece their own pieces of information together, which seem accurate, but at this point no actually "hints" or "leaks" have been released really by Six Flags or anyone, and there is no actually pieces of legit evidence that proves some of the claims made by certain people will actually happen. (Those surveys? Yeah, they were fake. Of course not every park wants an S&S 4D Free Fly.) Piecing together information means nothing unless the attraction is obvious. (ex. Valravn, Lightning Rod) I know Valravn was given without any sort of purposeful leaks from Cedar Fair, but there was a legit leak from a newspaper source, which really can't be argued. Have any leaks, or any other hints like that come out for Great Adventure? Not really. Otherwise all of us would have known by now.
  21. A new coaster of some sort (even if it's a Free Fly I guess I won't be too disappointed) And shops, as well as clearing of the trees, will help bring lots of life to that section of the park in my opinion.
  22. Well I just looked at S&S website and saw 4D Free Fly coaster listed under the "Family Thrill Coaster" category. Well I will certainly be upset if we get a free fly in 2016.
  23. Although Tatsu, Riddlers Revenge, and X2 are rides that give GADV a run for it;s money.
  24. Same here, Gale Force looks really good, and a ride like Gale Force would be so much better than a Free Spin, Capacity wouldn't be as big of an issue, since 12 people per car, but A SkyRocket II model would be better than Gale Force in my opinion. But I totally would take Gale Force over a Free Spin, because Gale Force actually looks thrilling and intense.
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