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  1. The interior looks downright dismal now. I’m a bad member - I didn’t take pictures. I was too aghast.
  2. SeaWorld Orlando has scattered their games throughout the park which, from my point of view, could be more profitable. At GA, parents can completely avoid the games area…
  3. 5. Conestoga Wagon 4. Super Teepee 3. Moon Flume 2. Flying Wave 1. Great Train Ride …and, if team members are an option, Erika Bullock.
  4. Looks like you had a gorgeous day for it!!!
  5. I'd repaint the carousel house in honor of the park's golden anniversary... how about you?
  6. I love the random Snoopy doghouse in the plantings behind the bed...
  7. This song always makes me think of going down I-95 from NJ to FL on the best road trip ever... now that I know the name of it.
  8. Up_Up_and_Away

    Brian's Miscellany

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  9. The following game is still available, and OCMDBeach1 is looking to be rid of it - please PM her ASAP if interested. A pic of another person's copy of this game:
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