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  1. I love the random Snoopy doghouse in the plantings behind the bed...
  2. This song always makes me think of going down I-95 from NJ to FL on the best road trip ever... now that I know the name of it.
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  4. The following game is still available, and OCMDBeach1 is looking to be rid of it - please PM her ASAP if interested. A pic of another person's copy of this game:
  5. I have to agree - money and attention may still be needed then, but the reality is that they need the help now.
  6. I've said it before: why would a park choose not to use a theme element that costs nothing and is maintenance-free???
  7. ...but there were still rides to ride. This parade came at a time when the park's entertainment offerings were also plummeting: Showcase had already been closed off, Temple of the Tiger was already stripped of its initial creativity, and the only other offerings that come to mind were at Fort Independence (shows twice a day if you're lucky) and children's shows at the Wiggles World stage and in Looney Tunes National Park - no thank you. It's okay to want flats to balance the thrill rides... but some of us have really liked the shows there, too, which further diversify the day's experiences. It's the main reason that, until recent years, BGW has been my favorite park - it had a perfect balance of all. Anyway - definitely the best entertainment I've seen at GA and, without question, gone too soon.
  8. I always liked her, toots! "That puppet with rosacea really NAILED it!"
  9. Awesome TR, D!!! ^Rolling Thunder could look that great at night, were it properly lit...
  10. If it's true, I know someone who will be very happy!!!
  11. I believe their one-two punch announcement was for Rip Ride Rockit and WWoHP.
  12. A common rumor is that, with Disney's relatively new ownership of Marvel, Universal Orlando is locked into their existing ride/attraction/restaurant licenses - no changes, no additions. It's what they have now or nothing at all...
  13. November first at 7:30 PM... and we shall see.
  14. I think Disney is hoping that both areas will be stiff competition... but this expansion won't be complete for another year or so, and Universal is moving very quickly with Potter phase II.
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