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  1. 1) I’m against Trump as much as the next, but the regulations in place are kinda sorta necessary for us as a country to get passed this virus. Not to mention, these regulations are mostly going to be set in place by individual states, and the NJ governor seems pretty adamant about shutting down the state for as long as he sees fit. 2) How would we have any clue if there’d be a second wave? You, me, the CDC, whoever you wanna say, has no earthly idea how this virus will evolve over the next few weeks, let alone in a few months from now.
  2. Haven’t been to the parks in a while - is it worth going with what Saturday’s forecast is looking like? Don’t want to shell out money for a ticket just for the park to close or all the rides to shut down.
  3. Usually, if a hotel is priced that cheap, they’re skimping on something.
  4. And a coaster is “very likely” to come in 2020 because...?
  5. Your speculation does not exactly qualify as a rumor. With no signs of major construction throughout the park, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be getting a coaster this year.
  6. Or, y’know, but we could get what everyone else was predicting for 2019, a Discovery. And then come 2020, we could get a T-Rex
  7. This exactly. I’d much rather wait for RMC to develop the T-Rex further and hold off on a Raptor. The T-Rex is a much better fit for our park because of its capacity. I could be completely wrong, but RMC hasn’t even started production on T-Rex track pieces (aside from prototype models), correct?
  8. If you want to photoshop an RMC Raptor in that spot, be my guest.
  9. I genuinely think you believe that you can somehow will an RMC into existence.
  10. Dude, why are you so obsessed with the idea that we’re getting a coaster? I’ve been lurking in this thread for a long time, and literally every single one of your posts here is just calling for a coaster, even though we’ve had literally no credible rumors or support of that claim.
  11. Too similar to our super loop. I'd rather the S&S, but we already have something similar. I'd rather get one of the numerous other concepts S&S just released.
  12. My bad. I couldn't quite remember where or what it was, but I knew it was a standard coaster.
  13. It's major by SF standards imo. What was the last "big" rollercoaster they built? The 4D winged coaster at SFA is the last one I can think of. Since then, all SF has added in terms of coasters are RMCs and these free spins.
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