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  1. I remember the summer he broke his ankle and was hobbling around in a cast. The same summer I think that he and I sat next to a guy asleep on a bench in Woodland Gardens who had his gun exposed and we escorted him to security.
  2. I had not been to the park in years and brought my kids there. I had to meet with security to check my weapon and Ricky was the one who came over to lock it up - it was his last day at GA - he retired the next day. Karma.
  3. One day we were standing around in the security office and Dennis pick up a severed rubber hand that someone in the Fox group had taken off of a shoplifter. It was at the time that "Empire Strikes Back" came out - "This is all that's left of Luke Skywalker." Great sense of humor.
  4. It looks like around 1980. Mike was a great guy, so was his brother Andy. Sorry to hear that he passed.
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