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  1. At least every park got a new ride (or ride experience) this year and there weren't any Maison Rogue's, Cirque Dreams, or 40 Seasons of Thrills.
  2. Six Flags doesn't owe us anything. That's not how this industry works.
  3. Totally understand. Next time something like that happens, do I create a new thread or where do I post it? (New to GAHistory)
  4. Maybe they're combining it with the dry park. Just a thought. Tickets are more for the dry park, and they can bump ticket and pass prices up with the "two for the price of one" campaign.
  5. I've heard that Zumi and Ka will run together and Ka will get new trains with Altair restraints. My source says Fitzgerald told him.
  6. Mitch, you're the one who said they're gonna get a wing for 2014
  7. We're all expecting it to be a Free Spin... but where did the rumor originate? Some survey that had the same ride for every park. Hmm...
  8. Exactly it's a conspiracy! Reid-Anderson did 9/11 confirmed
  9. Better than 8 AM when most of their target audience (teenagers) are at school. Just sayin'
  10. Park Journey confirmed that the announcements will be around 2 AM PST, so around 5 AM for us. https://gyazo.com/71a348ba4997fe8abdbedde96bf003e1
  11. This was a typo for El Diablo. I don't know why they haven't removed it yet.
  12. I've heard that Batman: The Ride isn't nauseating, it's just intense.
  13. I think that Joker Chaos Coaster could be a cool name for the Free Spin, if it does happen. It could be purple and green, maybe have some inspiration from the Smiler and shoot gas at you and stuff. Idk, just thought of this earlier today.
  14. Railer, here are the 10 element version schematics: http://imgur.com/6Ma0LE5
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