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  1. Holy crap, I thought I was the only person who did that! It's perfect
  2. I ususally go right to Nitro, then Skull Mountain, then Batman, then Bucaneer and some of those flats, then I go to the Boardwalk rides and then hit Bizarro, curve over to Toro and Diablo and then cut through the Discoveries place for Zu
  3. The most overrated ride in the park is probably Congo Rapids, the darn thing doesn't get you wet at all until right at the end! If we're talking about dry rides, Superman takes the cake. As for underrated, I'd agree with the Skull Mountain comment. It's such a short, small ride that is still a ton of fun. I feel Bizzaro doesn't get the recognition it deserves also
  4. I'm pretty sure the entrance is in the middle http://thedod3.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/batman1.jpg
  5. The Batman station is indeed built on an angle, but that doesn't change the fact that you enter on the side of it. And two blocks is 6 feet.
  6. There's more than that, like Batman's station is messed up, Nitro is missing the test seat. How did you mess up Skull Mountain so that you have to drop 2 entire blocks before entering the station?
  7. I finally checked this out, and it's decent. The coasters themselves are nice but in stuff like the station and queue and other places in the park are off
  8. Thank god they rehired him. He should have never been fired for simply using second amendment rights!
  9. With rides like Kingda Ka, El Toro and Nitro aren't we already kinda a destination park? We got nearly 3 million visitors last year
  10. Last time I went the Fast Pass was: you insert your ticket into a machine and then it spits out a fast pass and your ticket. There's a 1 hour time slot on the fast pass that you will return to the ride during and then you get on to a shorter fast pass line.
  11. I think the park should axe Total Darkness and move the manor back with Asylum since they knocked down the Chiller station and probably have room there. Once that's done they should put a Justice League in there
  12. I was really excited to get back on the rides after the shortest off-season in park history, so of course I ran over to my favorite coaster, Nitro. I didn't pay attention to the paint but I got the first ride on anything in the park for the season I believe, and due to an empty station me and my friend stayed on for another trip. We wanted to hop on Skull Mountain, but it was closed (somewhat of a theme for today) and we went over to Green Lantern, which also had no wait and there was 2 people on the train before us. The ride was enjoyable last time I rode it but it was unbearable this time, and my head still hurts from the ride. We got off and went over to the Twister, but it was closed so we went to Bizarro. We hit the Runaway Train and hopped right on. The ride wasn't as rough as the last time I rode it, but still was pretty rough. Bizarro was great, but the fire and mist were both off. You know what to expect from a Bizarro queue, but the operations were a lot faster than last season. Again, no line so we stayed on. We got off and went to Toro but it was closed because it valleyed earlier, so we went to El Diablo. We walked up to the front of the line and then it broke down. We walked back over to the other side of the park and hit Houdini along the way (there was 4 people total on my ride), then we got to Skull Mountain, which was open and had an empty queue. We hit it twice and would have went three times but the queue got more crowded and we had to leave. We went over to Batman and as soon as we got into the station it broke down. We waited our 20 minutes and watched the nearly full station become nearly empty. It was a hell of a ride but the crowd came back so we couldn't ride again. We decided to go back to El Toro and ride that before leaving, but it was still closed until 1:30 in the afternoon even though I believe it valleyed before the park opened. We finally got on and had a hell of a lot of airtime and had a very intense ride, but I noticed the ride was getting rough. We got off and decided to leave. It was a really great day to go and the only times I waited for rides was when they broke down! I can't wait for only Kingda Ka to be the only one breaking down during the day instead of most of the rides.
  13. The Traincarts plugin uses signs to control speeds/stations/the such and allows you to use ladders as vertical track
  14. Our home park has a zoo bigger than the rest of the park that these guys could have easily went after, not to mention the thousands of actual zoos OR the zoo park IN THE SAME TOWN AS SEA WORLD ORLANDO. It baffles me that these guys went after Sea World when all they have is a few whales that they take good care of.
  15. We're barely a seasonal theme park anymore. I give it 3 years before we go year round.
  16. Green Lantern would be a great sit down, it has so much potential that is thrown out the door with the stand-up idea
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