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  1. There is a possibility of it being supersized if we push it closer to that cluster of trees giving it a bit more room, and that would leave room for the queue to wrap around under the coater into the station.
  2. Despite the Giant Discovery fitting, I've figured out that an RMC Raptor would also fit perfectly. It is really the perfect spot for a flat ride and/or tight coaster such as the raptor. Honestly all I'm going to do now is wait and see. I'm happy either way if it's a Raptor or Giant Discovery, they're both great rides, but the Raptor would be the better option based off general public's view. Here's what I found: Here is also the corrected version for a Giant Discovery in that same spot: Additionally, (I'm too lazy to get a screenshot of it) the Raptor fits perfectly at the lakefront.
  3. Hello fellow GAH followers! MCAdrenaline is back with another Six Flags Great Adventure spectacular! We bring to you... Holiday in the Park in Minecraft! Here are some pictures to stay tuned! This event will start November 19th, All but the opened areas of the parks are open, and we ensure you to make your experience truly memorable! Follow us on our social medias for updates! http://mcadrenaline.weebly.com ~ CoasterCassady, Vice President of MCAdrenaline
  4. A picture of the solar farm Source: http://www.gannett-cdn.com/
  5. If all the other JLs get approved this one should aswell' also they approved The Joker which is way higher league than this
  6. If the area is 25000 sq ft which is 3000 ft above the usual 22000 sq ft, could that mean there will be additional theming or redoing paths? The paths is quite obvious that it will happen but if the extra theming happens that will be cool
  7. How'd you know? Six Flags will always look into new rides and test it at different parks each time, SFGADV will be tested on of course in that time
  8. The wooden planks could be fencing which might used for a queue of something, or maybe just a refurb of another queue (doubtfully). But if the wooden planks means fencing, it's either for protecting the ride track and guest or its for a queue of some ride, definitely signals we might get a new ride that isn't the JLBFM
  9. This was sent to me by my friend on skype, I'm not sure of the source; but I can see this becoming an attraction at the park. We also debated whether they will move Slingshot to make room for the entrance. It could be made next to the go-karts but its not a very great location, so theres a possibility that Slingshot will be moved elsewhere
  10. You could find one and print it over Google images.
  11. Huh, I thought I put credit, maybe it got deleted when I was trying to fix the photos I'll put in the credit now
  12. Have you done a Camp Aventura? If not, please do!
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