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  1. Hi guys, Just a quick question - I have been hearing alot of rumors recently about the removal of Bizarro. While I know that it has always been tossed around that GL could be converted into a floorless (and now that we see Six Flags is experimenting with standup to floorless coaster conversions it is a bit more likley), but is there any concrete evidence that Bizarro could be leaving, or is it purley just speculation right now? Honestly, I think it would be terrible if Bizarro left the park. While I could see a park like St. Louis or Darien Lake benefiting from it a thousand times more than Great Adventure, I think it is a great coaster in the lineup (#4 on my list in the park). Furthermore, I have a feeling that if Green Lantern was converted, it would end up like a Rougarou, which I actually prefer Green Lantern to Rougarou - by far the worst B&M I have been on. If anyone has any evidence, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Anyone else realize that The Dark Knight is painted in that first picture? Highly unlikely, but it would be great if they finished that city facade for 2019.
  3. I think if they could, they would, but they don't probably because of issues with the animals (as in hibernation, different schedules, maybe they don't come out of their stables that much in the winter, etc.)
  4. As much as I would love to see like an actual path between Plaza Del Carnival and the Golden Kingdom, when I'm there, I always take the Wild Walkway through Coasters and Candy (if its open) to get to the Golden Kingdom from right outside Plaza Del Carnival. I would still love to see like an actualy walkway though, because that always closes early.
  5. The new format looks great! Nice job guys updating the forums!
  6. I dont think this will be happening in the next couple of years, but I would love to see Green Lantern converted to a regular sit down looper.
  7. "Gotham City Park Dedicated to the Citizens of Gotham City Through the Generosity of Bruce Wayne"
  8. Hey Guys, First off, I did not take this picture. I found it on Instagram, and I give full credit to the person who took this picture. It looks like the station to Batman and Robin the Chiller is being demolished after sitting vacant for nearly nine years. Once again, I DID NOT take this picture, so I cannot guarantee anything. It said in the description that it was taken in January of 2016, so fairly recently. I will find it very odd to go back to SFGA in March to find that the Chiller station is no longer there. I hope at least Autobahn and the Chiller's surrounding buildings are still there.
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