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  1. Unless I’m misunderstanding this isn’t a remove and replace scenario. Eventually maybe but for the rides going it’s just a removal program as a cost savings measure to start.
  2. Here’s the second and final riddle. https://www.facebook.com/69421318512/posts/10157660657193513/
  3. I’ve never thought of El Toro as being really rough. It has developed rougher spots at times but it’s still a world class woodie, my favorite, that I can’t see going anywhere anytime soon. The park has tons of other space to create an area if they ever decide to commit the funds for one. Not saying they should but before El Toro ever gets “removed” I’d think RMC would get their hands on it first.
  4. It seems to be down a lot and even when running it’s very temperamental. Doesn’t like cool weather and the new trains can severely jackhammer unfortunately. If it didn’t have the issues and ran smoother I’d love it but it’s more lawn ornament than ride now. Prime space for a better running attraction in the future. Between it and Flashback’s space I could see something like Maxx Force giving SFNE a launch coaster.
  5. Agreed for SFNE #1 to me would be Goliath. Second Possibly Flashback or a relocation of Gauntlet. Others Crime Wave - Been down a lot Tomahawk Depending on maintenance / operation costs Blizzard River. For TGE Condor Bobsled Flying Trapeze
  6. Might be simple but it’s much cleaner and a lot more mobile friendly due to that. Nice to not see the need to cram as much as possible into ever pixel. Step in the right direction IMO.
  7. Maybe moved into more of a corporate role?
  8. Why was the drop removed?
  9. You need to purchase tickets here. https://sf-nj.store.sixflags.com/packageDetails/10074652/keyword/safaridrive?sfCustomerID=&_cid=1987241221.1587677975 Then when you go to the park for your reservation they’ll scan it just like they will scan your pass and anyone else’s in your group. Hope that helps.
  10. I waited until this evening and had no issues. Could have booked this weekend to but went with next instead. Probably just the initial rush of people caused issues.
  11. We booked our visit for Sunday June 7th. This weekend wouldn’t have worked well and I figured it also gives a weekend for the park to get used to operations. Never did the drive-thru back in the day so we are really looking forward to it!
  12. I was really hoping that would be the answer! I’ll make the 3 hour drive just for this. Thanks Great Adventure!
  13. I so want to do this but need to ask what type of car damage would I need to expect. Can’t get my lease all jacked up.
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