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  1. I was subscriber number 5 to your YouTube channel.
  2. I can't understand why Golden kingdom has to be split in two. Make the far GK go back into being part of the west if your not gonna connect the two parts. It is dumb. Like Nitro1118 says, if is to help the pay rides in boardwalk make more money then it is a lame reason. This area is just a pathetic as the closed Old Country and junky Movie Town/Ghost town. Speaking of MT they took down the Batman stadium didn't they? GA history update dec 12 seems to show the arena missing.
  3. They don't need to fix what's wrong in the BAT IN THE BOX they just need to get rid of the whole failed thing and redo movie town. The only thing to keep is Batman the Ride and the Showcase Theatre. The rest needs a redo.
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