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  1. Anyone know why construction hasn’t resumed? My guess would be because the crews are still coming back but can anyone confirm?
  2. Went on RT once and lost all my brain cells. hated that ride but its better than a patch of dirt
  3. I say Golden Kingdom because it needs more attractions, it has KK and Zumi at the back end of it, but besides them, nothing. Another possibility is bringing back Balin’s Jungleland, as that plot of land is still there only being occupied by Bloodshed
  4. RIP LTSP. you will not be forgotten In other news, I’m hoping Road Runner Railway moving to the Golden Kingdom where Cell Block 6 is but they’ll likely move it to BBNP or where safari trucks were
  5. The parks that were leaked were Over Texas - Aquaman themed power splash Great Escape- some sort of fully inverting pendulum that goes 165 feet. Great America - world record breaking water coaster Magic Mountain - a bag of chips also a couple water parks but who cares note that SFOT already closed the page EDIT: We also know that SFA is getting a giant discovery themed to Harley Quinn and SFNE is getting a Zamperla Endeavor themed to Supergirl
  6. Notice the “severe weather incoming to Six Flags Great America” Whatever this ride is, which feels like a waterpark addition, will be themed to a storm so maybe the name Cyclone could work?
  7. This seems extremely accurate. It would explain the huge Summer Fun theme too. It’s been years since they expanded their waterpark
  8. not gonna lie I completely believed this leak but I was kind of suspect on the wording of the actual article thing saying how its just coming to NJ and how short the actual article was. Does anyone know if it’s possible to hack the site or anything?
  9. Six Flags Corp is definitely kicking themselves right about now because of the missed opportunity to make the world’s first Shazam themed ride because of that piece of crap over at St Louis
  10. Another “hint” that it’s a flat ride. Still thinking that it’s just a “really big” giant discovery. But honestly it could be anything, we haven’t had much teasers to what it could be at all. Anyway, I tend to take these emails with a grain of salt ever since Six Flags literally trolled everyone by calling Cyborg a world’s first literally because it’s the world’s first Cyborg themed attraction.
  11. I honestly don’t know when you’re going to come to the conclusion that an RMC Raptor just isn’t happening. For the past year now you’ve been shunning EVERY rumor that isn’t an RMC. There is a 99.9% chance that the park gets a Giant Discovery and the evidence for that is in this very thread right here. Just read closely. Also, I had the opportunity to try out Magic Mountain’s Giant Discovery and it was awesome! I’d be so thrilled to have one as it would be a ride I’d come on every single trip and it would look amazing in the skyline at Great Adventure. It would easily be the best flat at the park. An RMC Raptor is not happening, maybe in 2020, but it’s still way to early to speculate. Just trying to give you a little heads up that you’ve been saying the same post over and over and over again for over a year now and that the park isn’t always gonna add a coaster every single year.
  12. which brings up another topic.... is this year's addition more than one ride? The answer is likely no but anything's possible.
  13. I still think a coaster in 2019 is extremely likely, especially an RMC T-Rex. Our park is due for a new, massive coaster, as well as an RMC. Its seriously our year in 2019. Especially if we get a Skywarp
  14. does anyone know when the next Jackson planning board meeting is? Maybe we can get info from that
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