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  1. ^ I believe that Zadra number is correct because it was paid for with EU funds and the costs had to be made public during the bidding process. Keep in mind that labor costs are much cheaper in Poland and that tends to bring the overall cost down. It was announced that a smaller RMC, ArieForce One. will cost $13 Million USD to build this year. Not sure how much Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger costs, but one of the goals was to save money on steel by using standard sized B&M track instead of the bigger track that is normally on Dive coasters. B&M also did a complete overhaul on the trains so they can move around tighter turns. I would not be surprised if Six Flags did a package deal with B&M. There are already rumblings of SFGAm getting a B&M in 2023 and SFMM in 2024. If you follow the Photo Trip Reports, it appears that the Northern Star Arena could be on the way out. It looks like there is a lot of land behind the arena that could be used for a coaster. https://www.greatadventurehistory.com/GATrips_Spring_2022_05_12.htm
  2. Not really, the current board was just reappointed by the shareholders during the proxy vote and the shareholders supported the boards recommendations during the vote. The previous board failed to keep Jim Reid Anderson and Marshall Barber in check and was ousted as part of an agreement with H Partners management. There was a lot of turmoil in the corporate management because Selim cut down the layers of management and gave park presidents more control over the decision making. Six Flags is unable to buy/sell parks until they get clear of the 2025 Secured Notes that were issued during the pandemic. It sounds like the company is planning to pay down some of this debt with cash on hand in July and they plan to restructure the remaining debt with new unsecured debt in the next 12-18 months. This would remove the noose from their neck.
  3. Here is the official Q1 2022 Earnings Call Transcript: https://investors.sixflags.com/~/media/Files/S/Sixflags-IR-V2/documents/events/six-usq-transcript-2022-05-12-final.pdf
  4. On a positive note, Six Flags Great America is reopening Roaring Rapids.
  5. New year, new round of ride removals? Keep an eye on Cyborg. Six Flags Over Texas just removed two rides from the website and park map. Rodeo (Huss Breakdance) Harley Quinn Spinsanity (ABC Rides Tourbillon) Music Mill Amphitheater is also removed. https://static.sixflags.com/website/files/sfot_park-map.pdf https://www.sixflags.com/overtexas/things-to-do/all-rides
  6. It looks like Carowinds is planning to retheme the Crossroads section of the park and add four new flats rides (Zamperla Nebulaz, Zamperla Disk-O, Zamperla Air Race, and a Chance Trabant or Freestyle) for 2023. https://parkfans.net/threads/project-2023-crossroads-overhaul-four-new-rides.7240/ https://twitter.com/CarowindsFansOn/status/1507019674692763649/photo/1
  7. https://www.sixflags.com/greatamerica/events/all-new-dc-universe
  8. California's Great America is adding a scrambler back to the park in the old Huss Top Spin location. https://www.cagreatamerica.com/rides-experiences/liberty-twirler
  9. From the annual report: https://otp.tools.investis.com/clients/us/sixflags3/SEC/sec-show.aspx?Type=html&FilingId=15600308&CIK=0000701374&Index=10000 In 2022, we are excited to add (i) the world's steepest dive roller coaster featuring a 95-degree drop at Six Flags Fiesta Texas (San Antonio, TX); (ii) the tallest and longest single rail coaster on the planet and record-breaking 20th roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA); (iii) a state-of-the-art, all-new family cave ride experience and a first-of-its-kind in North America water coaster thrill ride at Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, TX); (iv) a combination family coaster and animal exhibit experience at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Vallejo, CA); (v) a 164 foot tall, dual action, spinning and looping thrill ride at Six Flags St. Louis (Eureka, MO) and a multi-level kids water play center featuring 4 slides and 71 interactive water features at Hurricane Harbor in Six Flags St. Louis (Eureka, MO); (vi) a 5-story, fast-paced waterslide stretching 500 feet in length at Six Flags White Water Atlanta (Marietta, GA); (vii) a brand-new Summer Vibes festival at Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ); (viii) DC Universe, a newly themed area featuring three reimagined attractions at Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, IL); (ix) a rebrand of the Jr. Thrillseekers family area and Medusa top-rail floorless coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ); and (x) a rebrand of Splashtown to Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Darien Lake with a brand-new, 60-foot water slide (Corfu, NY).
  10. The new strategy: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4490022-six-flags-entertainment-corporation-six-ceo-selim-bassoul-on-q4-2021-earnings-call-transcript Edit: Six Flags provides an official call transcript now: https://investors.sixflags.com/~/media/Files/S/Sixflags-IR-V2/documents/events/six-usq-transcript-2022-02-24.pdf
  11. Hersheypark is retheming their boomerang and adding a Zamperla Nebulaz inside the cobra roll for 2022. https://www.hersheypark.com/explore-the-park/rides/jolly-rancher-remix
  12. SeaWorld says their offer was rejected and they don't see a path forward. https://www.seaworldinvestors.com/news-releases/news-release-details/2022/SEAWORLD-ENTERTAINMENT-INC.-MAKES-STATEMENT-CONCERNING-CEDAR-FAIR/default.aspx
  13. Scott Ross was involved in taking Great Wolf Resorts private when he was a managing partner at Apollo Global Management in 2012. In 2015, Apollo sold Great Wolf Resorts to Centerbridge. In 2019, Centerbridge sold a 65% controlling interest in Great Wolf Resorts to Blackstone.
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