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  1. Agreed with others above, El Toro was running smoother- I noticed it most on the first three hills which were smooth as butter. The turnaround had a small rattle but was much less than it was before the closure.
  2. I am most curious about the new Summer Vibes Festival. We saw Dollywood had something similar to the umbrellas we are seeing in the press photos. I know that Dollywood's festival was received fairly well. Hopefully the event turns out to make the park look even more beautiful overall. I'm excited to see all these changes in effect. If the park continues to go this route, SFGA could become something special. (even more special than we already think it is )
  3. Yes, I've been following for years and I think you're right. I love the new store- well deserved!
  4. I am upset to hear all of these possible changes. I get shortening park hours, but it should be done the opposite. More people would likely be able to go to the park in the evening after work as opposed to 10:30 AM. I don't particularly understand why management would choose this. You make more money with food later in the day, more people come in the gates, etc. I just don't get it. Dining plan being removed- I completely understand this but I wish there was a way it could stay and just raise the price. If they remove it, I will not be paying for any food while in the parks because they are overpriced. My family used to picnic in the parking lot and I guess we would just go back to that. Holiday in the park- I love this event and many others do. For this, I can understand the business decision. On colder days, I don't see how they make money. It seems to mostly be passholders. Fright Fest- Instead of closing earlier, why wouldn't the parks just beef up security. Yes, it costs money but probably much less money than they bring in on a busy Fright Fest night. This one doesn't make sense to me at all. I wish I knew what they are thinking with this. Despite me understanding these decisions, I do not agree with any of them. If Six Flags brings the new, higher pricing model for their season passes and remove benefits (like the two events and dining pass add on), I can see attendance dropping significantly. This is not Disney. Disney can do this for the short term because of nostalgia and it being a "once in a lifetime" vacation. Six Flags doesn't have the same appeal to most people.
  5. I really hope that they light the statue at night. Same with the sign: From the rendering, the sign will have one light but I hope that the logo is also lit well
  6. I love the bobsled ride over there. Cool to ride something that once was at GA!
  7. Looking through, these are changes I noticed from last year. Let me know if I missed anything or added something that is the same as last year. 1. Jersey Devil Coaster (most obvious and we knew about this already) 2. Congo Rapids Open until the end of October? 3. Houdini's Great Escape is listed. I doubt it'll be open at the beginning of the year, though. 4. Safari Off Road Adventure- on the website is says that it will open. Maybe this is from a previous year? Or maybe it will open with both cars and trucks? We will have to wait and see. 5. Log Flume: "Weekends only until May 2" Meaning it could be open on opening day? Also closes in October. 6. No loose articles still on Jersey Devil, El Toro, Kingda Ka, and The Joker. 7. The Ride Information Center has moved outside the park- Im grateful for this change. That line used to take up half the midway. 8. The Apple Shop in the CocaCola Freestyle Building looks like it is permanent- at least for this year. 9. The Last Drop- not sure if this is a new name for a store. 10. The mask break zone along the waterfront has been removed. That's all that I see. Any more from any of you?
  8. I know that I am late to this topic but I think what eric said about 2-3 flat rides indoors themed to DC villans is a pretty cool idea. I also don't think it's out of the realm of possibility. Do something like iPlay America and have some neat lighting effects in there and BOOM- you have Six Flags 'theming' haha. I think it would be fun
  9. So this may not be a popular thought but something I have REALLY missed this year is the Houdini ride. I usually get on it a few times every season and there's something about that ride that I enjoy. The pre-show, not so much- that needs a little bit of an update haha... but I DO miss The Dark Knight's pre-show... "corrupt, corrupt, corrupt"
  10. I don't foresee the park not opening up on time next year. I think Governor Murphy sees no issue with the park being open- if things are to close again, it'll probably be indoor dining, gyms, and (for the park specifically) indoor amusement rides.
  11. I would be utterly shocked if this was not our 2022 "addition". Probably supposed to come in 2021 but with everything being pushed back, that has to be it!
  12. I love the new entry process. Obviously, once the pandemic ends we can get rid of the temperature check but the actual security screening is fantastic. It is quicker for guests and takes less employees to work!
  13. @Yoshi what's funny is you're absolutely right. I was at the park last week and I spent $12 on this game ($4 a person) to make sure that I won. I had my sister play against me but since I paid, she agreed to give me the prize. I love my pillow To reiterate, I paid for 3 "people" even though I was the only one that wanted to play. Essentially I just bought the pillow for $12.
  14. I was at the park today and Justice League was open! I didn't go on the ride because I didn't particularly feel comfortable and I think I wasn't the only one because Nitro's line was spilling onto the midway whereas Justice League's line was right at the entrance to the indoor queue.
  15. I think that this event is possible due to the opening of indoor dining that is starting tomorrow. Without it, I would have trouble staying in the evening hours.
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