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  1. I really hope that they light the statue at night. Same with the sign: From the rendering, the sign will have one light but I hope that the logo is also lit well
  2. I love the bobsled ride over there. Cool to ride something that once was at GA!
  3. Looking through, these are changes I noticed from last year. Let me know if I missed anything or added something that is the same as last year. 1. Jersey Devil Coaster (most obvious and we knew about this already) 2. Congo Rapids Open until the end of October? 3. Houdini's Great Escape is listed. I doubt it'll be open at the beginning of the year, though. 4. Safari Off Road Adventure- on the website is says that it will open. Maybe this is from a previous year? Or maybe it will open with both cars and trucks? We will have to wait and see. 5. Log Flume: "Weekends only until May 2" Meaning it could be open on opening day? Also closes in October. 6. No loose articles still on Jersey Devil, El Toro, Kingda Ka, and The Joker. 7. The Ride Information Center has moved outside the park- Im grateful for this change. That line used to take up half the midway. 8. The Apple Shop in the CocaCola Freestyle Building looks like it is permanent- at least for this year. 9. The Last Drop- not sure if this is a new name for a store. 10. The mask break zone along the waterfront has been removed. That's all that I see. Any more from any of you?
  4. I know that I am late to this topic but I think what eric said about 2-3 flat rides indoors themed to DC villans is a pretty cool idea. I also don't think it's out of the realm of possibility. Do something like iPlay America and have some neat lighting effects in there and BOOM- you have Six Flags 'theming' haha. I think it would be fun
  5. So this may not be a popular thought but something I have REALLY missed this year is the Houdini ride. I usually get on it a few times every season and there's something about that ride that I enjoy. The pre-show, not so much- that needs a little bit of an update haha... but I DO miss The Dark Knight's pre-show... "corrupt, corrupt, corrupt"
  6. I don't foresee the park not opening up on time next year. I think Governor Murphy sees no issue with the park being open- if things are to close again, it'll probably be indoor dining, gyms, and (for the park specifically) indoor amusement rides.
  7. I would be utterly shocked if this was not our 2022 "addition". Probably supposed to come in 2021 but with everything being pushed back, that has to be it!
  8. I love the new entry process. Obviously, once the pandemic ends we can get rid of the temperature check but the actual security screening is fantastic. It is quicker for guests and takes less employees to work!
  9. @Yoshi what's funny is you're absolutely right. I was at the park last week and I spent $12 on this game ($4 a person) to make sure that I won. I had my sister play against me but since I paid, she agreed to give me the prize. I love my pillow To reiterate, I paid for 3 "people" even though I was the only one that wanted to play. Essentially I just bought the pillow for $12.
  10. I was at the park today and Justice League was open! I didn't go on the ride because I didn't particularly feel comfortable and I think I wasn't the only one because Nitro's line was spilling onto the midway whereas Justice League's line was right at the entrance to the indoor queue.
  11. I think that this event is possible due to the opening of indoor dining that is starting tomorrow. Without it, I would have trouble staying in the evening hours.
  12. I'm glad that the park is doing well, attendance wise- I just don't know how any safety precautions are being taken on a crowded day like today...
  13. Jersey Devil Coaster has also been removed from the Great Adventure website I get why, but I'm still a little sad about it. Honestly, though, if the park opens this Summer at all, I would be incredibly happy
  14. I still think that they should serve ice cream. Sell it through the side areas and the side windows. I would love to see a custom- ice cream place at GA
  15. The only thing that I can think of is to still add a new kids section. This was my original prediction for 2021 but now I believe that the area will not be done as well as it would have due to the park's finances. Something tells me that they will just reconstruct the rides that were in the Looney Tunes Seaport area somewhere else. I can see them re-adding it to the Golden Kingdom section, hopefully adding another path in between El Toro and Kingda Ka.
  16. I'm too young to have every been in this attraction but as a kid, I was one of the ones that had to be rescued. I remember my friends used to love Chuckie Cheese but I was terrified of the play structure haha
  17. With JD, people should not be waiting to ride together, if you get split up, your friends will be on the next train. It's not like you are riding next to them anyway. Every single seat should be full.
  18. Fright Fest shows are popular too! I would say have a show in the Spring and a different one in the Summer! I like how they brought a magician in a few years back
  19. I like the other wish that says to refurbish Congo Rapids- I think that needs to come first before we introduce another water ride to GA. It would be cool to see what Over Texas is getting with Aquaman but right now I don't see Six Flags buying another one of those.
  20. With Jersey Devil opening up right beside it, this is the PERFECT time to revitalize Congo Rapids! I think a refurb of the rockwork- at least paint would be nice. I would also reintroduce the fountains that have been turned off and, if we want to get greedy, add a waterfall that goes straight down over the entire boat so everyone is guaranteed to get wet!
  21. I cannot think of another major Ferris Wheel that keeps the lights turned off. It would make the area look so much nicer as right now it is pretty dark there during every time except HITP
  22. I can see a cool new exhibit of the baboons in a new enclosure on the Golden Kingdom path. This way, the people get to see them and we do not have to worry about them destroying the trucks!
  23. I love that they added the bacon wrapped kebabs over by Macho Nacho in the Carnavale section!
  24. I think all indoor locations should have Coke Freestyle machines. Yum Yum, Granny's, and Best of the West could benefit from this and reduce the amount of staffing needed so there is less time that they are understaffed. Plus its much faster. There should also be a line in the indoor restaurants for just drinks so you do not have to wait in line for just a drink.
  25. Pricing is ridiculous. For me to go, there will need to be a student discount or a coupon in general. I will not pay more than $40 for the park when I can go to Six Flags with my season pass or Dorney for $30 student discount.
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