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  1. Congrats guys thank you for everything you do on the website.
  2. I did a tour of Kingda Ka back in September got some really good shots and had the chance to see the original queue since I wasn't at the park in 2005. Whatever happen to the woodcarvings ???
  3. For the Kingda Ka sign was that included when you enter the line
  4. My name is Ryan I go to the park whenever I get the chance my favorite rides are El Toro Kingda Ka Nitro Bizzaro I've ridden Toro as of today 211 times this season. I'm trying to find a this eats all records Kingda Ka shirt size XL
  5. Is there any videos of anyone by chance walking through the old queue would be cool to see that
  6. I'm looking for anyone that might have a extra Kingda Ka this eats all records shirt size XL
  7. Does anyone have a Kingda Ka shirt that says this eats all records on the back possibly a XL I can trade you my shirt for a trade
  8. I appreciate it thanks guys
  9. My friend is looking for a 2001 park map for the year Nitro came out.
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    Six flags
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