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  1. A Schwarzkopf weight drop I was always so jealous when a park installed on of these
  2. Wow that's pretty cool! But how much is it?
  3. http://schwarzkopf-coaster.net/pictures/ES/ESmaerchenbahn1001nacht07.jpg Think I just found some insperation for skully
  4. ^well they did keep some parts for viper at magic mountain
  5. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/files/image_14248.jpg
  6. ^ well it could be possible that this is a test to see if VR could work in the park and possibly make its way to bizzaro for 2017
  7. While reading the Medusa spotlight it stated that a Cyclone coaster was to be built on the site. Is there anymore info on this coaster?
  8. ^ I was told by a former arrow employee that this happened. I also thought it would impossible with a fiberglass train but. So I think he may have been confused with some other arrow coaster?
  9. An interesting fact is that some time before the 1980 season the back car was tuned around but proved to be a uncomftorable ride with the first launch.
  10. The one thing everybody is forgetting with the JLBFM location is that if they use the right stuff building they would have to take the slingshot and go carts out. But with the former chiller location you all ready have a q for the ride and with a ride that's going to get a lot of attention the park would probably have to re open the old country since it would be so close to the area. And with that we could probably see a new flat package in the old country. And everybodys happy.
  11. does anyone remember or hear about the rumor that we were going to get viper from astroworld? I thought it would not happen due to it age and really could not go anywhere. And besides things in BBNP we got a quarter of the logs from there flume for parts and to replace some of the aging logs and some props and restaurant equipment.
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