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  1. I went to HH this past Saturday. The crowds were insane. The lines for the rides were way to long. The lazy river had so many people in it I’d be surprised if there was any current. The added chairs that came with this new pool area just gives people a place to lay a towel down for the day to go wait in lines. This water park needs more slides. High capacity slides. Not really sure how it works with park capacity but if this new pool upped the park capacity I see that as a bad thing. They allowed more people in with no where to go and just made the lines longer.
  2. I’m hoping that removing Diablo is the official start of land clearing for a new coaster. They promised something exciting was going to replace RT. Hopefully 2020 is when they deliver on that promise.
  3. This park needs to add something big. SFs can’t expect rides like El Diablo, Cyborg and a giant discovery to draw the crowds in. The few times I’ve been to the park this year it’s been dead. Just walking on rides. I’d really like to see attendance numbers for the year El Diablo was the new attraction vs the year El Toro was. Or even the year Joker was. I’m pretty sure these flat rides don’t help attendance numbers. So, what would I like to see for 2019? Nothing... Bank what ever money they were going to put into a new flat ride and put it towards an insane coaster for next year.
  4. Chiller Adventure Rivers Hydro flume Rolling Thunder Fireworks every weekend
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