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  1. SFGam has X-flight a B&M winged from 2012. Full Throttle in 2013 at SFMM. Last two major installations that were not RMC or Free Spin.
  2. Never had a problem in 3 years either, although I use paypal instead of a debit/credit card.
  3. I agree with this 100%. I doubt either GL or Bizarro are going anywhere anytime soon, and converting GL would be pointless and the millions for that can be better spent on a new coaster they have space for elsewhere (RT old area for one). If one has to go I would guess it would cost less to move GL to another park and relocate Bizarro to the GL spot. As mentioned before, why convert a standuop to a floorless when you already have the world's first floorless in house?
  4. The downtime it had in June and all that welding that needed to be done concerns me. Made me wonder if the ride is deteriorating and/or not handling the extra HITP workload well. Just speculation and hope it is not true, since it is too good a ride to loose and it somewhat iconic now. Would hate to see it leave under any circumstances - my third favorite also.
  5. I would guess they build up the area around Justice League and revitalize the unused area there with Giant Frisbee and maybe one or two others - would like to see one of these Giant Discovery's and this new Enterprise type flat.
  6. Well, that settles that then. Makes the announcement anti-climatic.
  7. Sorry, didn't see the Skull mountain news posted elsewhere
  8. I have a pass for this year, and will probably visit around 5 times total and then maybe once or twice for Christmas. Definitely well worth it. It is an extra 90 dollars for the add on for this season, so if you can get there 2X before labor day its paid for itself. As the price drops after that, then 6 or more will be the number.
  9. I agree with this in concept, but I am afraid the reality may be the tallest will have the lines, and the smallest will get its riders from those not willing to wait. Maybe that is the plan, while also giving the smaller kids a chance to move their way up.
  10. I was at Cedar Point last week - judging by the amount of survey markings all over the place, the RMC treatments seems a real possibility.
  11. They were hinting it would be something not done before. While technically true I think it was a little misleading. S&S Towers are nothing new, although the 3 separate height towers are a new arrangement. With Dominator at Dorney an hour away (and two other drops towers at SFGadv and Knoebels respectively close by), not sure why they went this route. It is a good addition for the park but I think they could have gone with something that might have set them apart (Falcon's Fury type comes to mind). My main question, with three towers at different heights and the individual height requirements all the same, who would choose to ride the smallest one? Definitely fills a void at the park and should be popular with families. http://www.hersheypark.com/2017/
  12. That is good news. Nice to see Six Flags learning and adjusting as they go.
  13. After visiting Cedar Point this week, they are only running VR after 5pm with normal operations until then on Iron Dragon. Seemed to work much better than what Six Flags was doing in St Louis with Ninja. Wherever they put it in Great Adventure, I hope they adopt a similar policy so that at least part of the time things will run normal.
  14. Kind of a funky list considering it ignores Orlando all together and has a NJ Pier (Ocean City) at #9. To be fair, it seems the focus here is on new rides for this year.
  15. There was talk they were testing VR on Nitro in June. Bizarro makes much more sense - it needs a popularity boost and it makes no sense to take your best people eater in the park (Nitro) and turn it into an operations nightmare. You'd be talking 3 hours minimum waits if they put it on Nitro based on performance in other parks. But we'll see, they already announced it for Raging Bull in Chicago.
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