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  1. I would say pretty soon. I'm going this weekend, so I'm gonna try to get a view of the area from the skyride to see any progress.
  2. Neil who? It may be on the website
  3. Skull Mountain has had some consistently long lines this summer I've noticed, especially early afternoon. My friend and I were gonna go on but we ot stuck in a 30 minute line, we were shocked.
  4. I think SIx Flags wants to test the whole VR thing, and skull mountain is the only one they can do it on in the park. It needs to be a ride with little to no themeing that isn't too popular because of wait times.
  5. Makes sense. Even though it will most likely never happen bc of how amazing it already is, El Toro would be a run RMC
  6. Ok thats good. It would've been so cool to see though.
  7. Yeah I'm excited. I'm heading to fright fest next weekend and I can't wait to try it.
  8. If anything we'll get an RMC trex in a few years. I don't think we'll get a hybrid. Our only shot at that would've been Rolling Thunder
  9. True but what looks like the current direction and focus of the chain plus the amount of great coasters already at the park, I would guess that the next few years are going to be focused on diversifying with flats and dark rides, which we desperately need.
  10. I don't think we'll get a new, big coaster until at least 2020+
  11. I think if anywhere, i think it would be in Old Country, fitting with the predicted DC overhaul of the area. The fenced off area is just where they took down the grandstand, and they don't want people going in the water. I don't really think there's enough room in lakefront for a whole coaster. Most likely would be the rolling thunder footprint or old country area, depending if they want it to be more like a compact invert coaster or a hyper coaster.
  12. It would be really cool if we got the first RMC T-Rex. Big crowd pleaser.
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