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  1. Rode twice today. Both times was on the Mid-Course for multiple minutes and had an evac at the end-brakes on the second. Hopefully they can get all the operations figured out.
  2. Temperature Screenings and Advanced Reservations are no longer being used, effective this Saturday. Fully Vaccinated guests and team members no longer have to wear masks in outdoor locations around the park.
  3. Planned Signage, Queue Line and theming for Jersey Devil was released in the new “Behind the Adventure” construction update. https://youtu.be/IY8LAFtbYA8
  4. Bare walls in Main Street Market. The park history photos and decorations have been removed.
  5. Really unfortunate what happened in Ocean City today. However, The fire seemed to be contained to one building.
  6. I would assume they would announce when on the park’s social media platforms.
  7. Good for them. It’s great to see a expansions at Luna Park and Deno’s!
  8. Something like Cyborg: Hyper Drive at Six Flags New England would be perfect. It's a Chance Freestyle but indoors with effects. At Casino Pier, they (re)opened Centrifuge. It's just a scrambler, but it being indoors with music and effects make it a great experience.
  9. This is the perfect addition for the situation the park is in. COVID Cases are spiking, and I’m going to guess attendance is down from a normal Holiday in the Park. It worked for the Safari, and it’s going to work for the theme park. Years down the line, this entire season is going to make for one hell of a spotlight!
  10. It’s fascinating to see it’s survived all these years, considering all the expansions that have gone on in the area.
  11. It was awesome to be back to the park, however... The lack of social distancing, heat, crowds and rides closures just didn’t merge well together. Obviously it was just a preview, and also the first day of operation for this season. To me, something just felt off. There were points walking in the park where I felt as if there was no enforcement on masks or social distancing. I saw too many guests without a mask covering their face, let alone even on their body.
  12. The Current Six Flags reopening status: Six Flags Over Texas- June 19th Six Flags Fiesta Texas- June 19th La Ronde- June 19th Six Flags Mexico- June 19th Six Flags Over Georgia- June 15th Six Flags St. Louis- June 26th It’s great to see some major parks reopening soon!
  13. The Safari was fantastic! It brought back so many memories to the 1974-2012 Safari. Absolutely going back soon. For the situation the park and staff are in, they handled it perfectly.
  14. Who could’ve expected this, wow! The Safari is a whole different experience in your own vehicle (Thanks to that A/C on hot days ). Very excited to be back on park property soon.
  15. Thanks Everyone! I just wish the park was open.
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