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  1. I would want to know how team would work, it seems like it could be either a blessing or a curse depending how it effects care trying to get in or exit.
  2. Our Swing Ride Would Have To Be At Least 400 ft Tall For The Park To Even Consider This. Also This Is A Huge Safety Hazard With All The Trees And Paths. I Don't Think This Will Ever Come To The Park.
  3. I would like the park to take out the Dark Knight put in a Zamperla Giant Discovery, but leave in the pre-show and then have a bunch of lights everywhere , would anyone else like this to happen if it is possible?
  4. Does Anyone Know Why The Safari Does not have an accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)?
  5. It would be cool if they used it in Demon District, Vodoo Island or wasteland but preferably Demon Disrict
  6. Hopefully the park management decided to repurpose the hands and use it as a fright fest prop
  7. I think they Should make the DK be outside with a new theme but should remove the preshow and put the frisbee inside of their and add special effects
  8. This Summer my Aunt took me to Six Flags because her company Wyhndam * The world's largest hotel company* They had a catered event with a ert too so they went over at the meeting Six Flags Hotel plans and let me just tell you it is nice I can not say what will be in their I can Tell you though it will be very modern
  9. It would be nice if they repainted the Runaway Mine Train and were it goes over the lake add some water effects like Manta at SeaWorld Orlando. Would it be possible to open up the catwalks
  10. Go On Halloween I went this year and ride every coaster multiple times and all the trails were walk on including the coaster I had a great experience I would Highly recommend going on Halloween
  11. I wish they had the whole park open it would be more beautiful and be grand
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