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  1. I believe they used to say the date that they were announcing their new additions for the next year. Does this mean that there are no new additions next year, does it mean that Six Flags isn’t announcing all of their additions on the same day anymore, or am I just reading too much into it ?
  2. Was yesterday media day? If so, does anyone have a video of John Winkler and Kristin Fitzgerald talking?
  3. Question for those who have ridden The Devil: I have been worried about people saying that the restraints on the Raptors are very uncomfortable (they dig into you during airtime moments). Did they feel uncomfortable during the ride or did the lower intensity of the ride help counteract that?
  4. I honestly get it. Why open a new ride when you can’t attract more attendance. I really hope that they can use the extra time to add theming. It would make the wait worth it.
  5. I'm just happy that we got this coaster and it has been partially been built before the pandemic. I think future investments in the chain are uncertain at this time, so getting this big investment of a coaster right beforehand was a win.
  6. Yea, I just contacted guest relations and they confirmed that the safari opening is not considered the theme park re-opening and that the days will continue to stack. Now that I know that, I think this is a great idea. Bring back the nostalgia, keep social distancing, make some money, and give people something to do.
  7. Do we know if this counts as the park being “open” in regards to season passes? They said that every day/month the park is closed, you get a day/ month in 2021. I would be upset if this counts as being open because the theme park isn’t open and I paid for a pass so that I could ride rollercoasters.
  8. Does anyone know if these restraints are different than Wonder Woman's in Fiesta Texas?
  9. I’m assuming that is a picture of the real front of a train for JDC. If it’s real, it looks SO good! Thanks for unscrambling.
  10. This is spectacular. It's awesome how the track can be twisted in any direction and the maneuvers the cars make will be so cool. I can definitely see Six Flags getting this, and I would not be disappointed.
  11. Today, 11/18/19, is the first day that Mike Spanos officially became the President and CEO of Six Flags. Will miss you Jim Reid Anderson!
  12. This is why they are the best! They knew what we wanted and delivered (better than expected tbh). That is probably the best thing they could have spelt! I can't wait for their post, it will be cool seeing what everything meant from their point of view.
  13. @29yrswithaGApassSince you have a good relationship with the park, were the letters from all the teasers supposed to unscramble to: YES, RMC? I loved the teaser campaign the park put together. It created so much excitement and matched the excitement I now have for this beast of a ride.
  14. I am very impressed with this ride! The wait was long, but it was well worth it. Also very surprised about 4 trains!!! So glad we are finally the standout park for a year!
  15. The Mortal Kombat theme song that plays in Nitro's station reminds me of Great Adventure. So upbeat!
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