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  1. I was at the park opening day April 1st and the park was dead. Every ride was open except for The Joker, Zumanjaro, and The Swashbuckler. Here is the order and amount of times I rode each Six Flags Great Adventure 2017 Trip 1: Kingda Ka 2x, El Toro 3x, Bizarro 1x, Runaway Train 1x, Sky Screamer 1x, Fender Benders 1x, Batman The Ride 1x, The Dark Knight Coaster 2x, Nitro 5x, Skull Mountain 1x, Superman Ultimate Flight 1x Me: 19 rides I also got a lot of footage from the park, here is the video link: We went over to El Toro where it was testing with the water dummies still in it, but than I saw Kingda Ka launch, and we bolted over there when a few minutes later, it opened before El Toro. We rode Ka 2 times in a row both in the 2nd row and it was awesome!! Then we went to El Toro and rode 2 times in the middle somewhere and once in the back. After that we did Bizarro front row and went to Macho Nacho to eat. I forgot to mention that all the rides just had a station wait. My dad and I both had a taco salad then rode Runaway Train in the back once. After that we hit up the Skyscreamer once and the Fender Benders once, again having no wait. Then we went on The Dark Knight twice. After I took a video of the Gotham City Gift Shop which I thought looked very cool. We then rode Batman once in the 3rd row then headed over to Nitro. Nitro had 0 wait and I rode 5 times in all different rows bit my dad only rode once. On my 5th ride, this guy live streamed the whole ride on Instagram, and when we hit the breaks, a penny came flying at my head and hit me hard to then roll along the catwalk and fell. We then hit Skull Mountain once and walked a long way to Superman. When I got to Superman, it was closed, but a minute later, it opened back up and I rode once in the back all alone. After that, we went to the Garden State Grill and had burgers. Before we left, we bought a poop emoji hat, a Rita's Italian Ice, and a pack of Cotton Candy. Overall, the trip was great and the only rides that were closed were The Joker, Swashbuckler, and Zumanjaro was on and off.
  2. I can see this ride being a very good addition to Movie Town as it is one of the most dead sections of the park. Right now it's just Batman The Ride and The dark Knight in Movie Town. There is nothing currently near the Old Country section of the park, now with this there will be. Plus, we needed a dark ride and this fills a gap in are already outstanding line up of roller coasters and rides. While it may not be an extreme roller coaster or thrill ride, it is still a (hopefully) fully immersive 4D Dark Ride themed to the Justice League. Yes, I was there Tuesday and while going up Nitro's lift I saw quite a few parts for Justice League. I also saw a dismembered Nitro train, Roaring Rapid Parts, and what I thought was the Parallax theme piece for Green Lantern. You could also see parts of Justice League while going through that holiday walk through Old Country.
  3. Please, this is one thing Hurricane Harbor really needs. The park is so large, yet fills to capacity at least twice every two weeks. You'd think Six Flags would make an expansion or something, but nope. Maybe one of those trapdoor water slide complexes would be nice, but I'm no water park enthusiast, I'm for the roller coasters.
  4. Not that this would affect me at all because I live relatively close to the park, but many people are always complaining that there are no hotels near the park. I really just want this to make all of those complainers shut up for once.
  5. I'd like to see that whole section of the park opened for the Holidays, but there must be some reason they can't.
  6. Please, I want Flash Pass eliminated from all of the Six Flags Water parks. It is very annoying due to it slowing down lines, and standby taking (on crowded days) about an hour. Though, the Flash Pass in the regular theme parks doesn't seem to have an effect on me, but those blue tickets do.
  7. Santa, would you please bring Six Flags some money to spend at our park over Christmas!!! I feel I should also mention that my dad is always telling me how good these were and how they need to bring them back.
  8. I'm Colin and my intrests are Roller Coasters and Physics. (I perfer not to mention my age) My favorite roller coaster manufacturing companies are RMC, B&M, and Intiman. My home park is Great Adventure and my favorite rides are El Toro, Nitro, Kingda Ka, and Bizarro.
  9. As that would be awesome, we're just getting off a year where we got a "Major" coaster and we're now gonna get a family Dark Ride, which probably aren't very cheap. Plus, Six Flags is going to Dubai, China, and possibly in Vietnam. Building Theme parks aren't cheap so if they do build a coaster "because of coaster costs" it won't be until like 2019-2020
  10. I probobly have ridden (not including kiddie coasters) about 39
  11. Well, gargoyles could be scary to some people, and look at the environment of the VR. It's set to be a world overtaken by gargoyles, and to some people, that's scary. Not to me is it scary though. Plus, VR slows the lines so badly. Skull Mountain used to be less than a minute, and you're out of there, now, it takes like 5 minutes just for dispatches!
  12. Yeah, though the Joker may not seem intense to us guys who have been on Kingda Ka and things as intense as that. It's very intense to kids who have only ridden Runaway Train, Skull Mountain, The Dark Knight, and Harley Quinn Crazy Train. The Joker is very much more a thrill ride, in no way a family coaster. Though we already have 4 family coasters, we need a good wooden family coaster, we had that with Rolling Thunder, but now that family wooden gap needs to be filled in our lineup.
  13. Yeah, they're probably testing it to see if they should put VR on a ride here permanently
  14. Yeah, unfortunately RT's layout was very much a family woodie (by today's standards) and wouldn't be the best RMC.
  15. Yeah, we need a good sit down looper, and there's 2 ways that could happen. 1. Make Green Lantern a sit down roller coaster instead of a Standup. 2. Relocate another sitdown looper from another park (that is good) and place somewhere. I think 1 is way more likely to happen, but who knows.
  16. I mean, that ride is 38 years old and they really didn't do well maintenance for the ride. The ride was really just falling apart and just getting old and rough. It was very sad to see it go. Plan A was most likely to RMC Rolling Thunder, and if that didn't work out, Plan B, to build a drop tower on Kingda Ka and the pathways use where Rolling Thunder used to be. Looks like they chose Plan B.
  17. Awww man, I missed it by a day. I was there today, sorry I missed it guys!!
  18. To be honest, and I know people won't agree, but I don't like the idea of virtual reality. Especially not on Skull Mountain. Skull Mountain has the best load time in the park, that's why the line moves so quickly. Now the Virtual Reality will be stacking up trains. And they really should have a non VR line because you'd end up waiting in an hour long line just to ride the ride without VR. Why ruin such a good family coaster by making the lines insane for families. Not trying to spark an argument, but I'm very glad the VR is only until October 31st.
  19. That unfortunately is very true, but a T-Rex would be amazing. But you never know, they could create a ground up creation like with Lightning Rod at Dollywood.
  20. Yeah, Six Flags is moving overseas again which is how they screwed up last time. Plus, they're lacking in funds which also sucks. But this park makes the most money of all the six flags parks and we get crap, we should at least get an RMC
  21. You never know, they could be like Six Flags Great America when they did X-Flight, then 2 years later Goliath. Besides, Great Adventure is (arguably) the best Six Flags park. They deserve better, and you never know if they can do that. The last roller coaster that was not a relocation or clone was El Toro in 2006. They need roller coasters, and just more rides in general.
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