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  1. So excited to be there for opening day! Lots of cool additions to compliment JD. Glad we're getting some different food options too
  2. Jersey Devil BBQ coming to the building that used to be Casa de Quesadilla (Nitro Grill) across from Congo Rapids. New Smokehouse near Dare Devil Dive and the Carousel, too. That might be something like what we see Rita's becomes during HITP.
  3. Awesome! I was there opening day and this past Sunday, it was an awesome park! I've only been 3 times ever with my first visit being last year, but the park is so much better than its reputation! I was able to get a ton of rides on Superman, I had a blast!
  4. This cool Facebook post on the Great Adventure Connoisseurs page reminded me that on this day in 1993, Traffic Jam’s roof collapsed from a blizzard!
  5. This was the first major coaster I worked in my time at the park, this was a fun one to work!
  6. There’s a chance! Still a ton more to go into the ride after track is finished. Queue/station construction, programming, testing and training for crews. Probably more likely that it opens after opening day, but still possible!
  7. So it looks like the drive thru safari really helped them maintain/boost single day ticket sales. I can see the drive thru lasting a little longer than expected because of that. I wonder too what parks they're talking about when they mention investing with new rides in "markets with high growth potential".
  8. I’ve been able to use my 2 meals and snack whenever I wanted through the app during HITP. Sometimes I’ve even used both my meals at the same time.
  9. I was lucky enough to get a group of visits in at GAdv this weekend after my plans to visit Friday were cancelled because of the snow. However, walking in the park Saturday made it seem like they didn't make too much progress. I almost felt like I should've brought ice skates with me! I was just happy to be at the park! Not only was this weekend amazing for the surprise opening of Cyborg, but I also hit my 50th overall visit to the park this season today (12/20)! Considering all of the hardships this year has brought for all of us, and some personal ones too, I'm so thankful that I could go a
  10. Absolutely! Glad I could use this assignment for something beyond a grade.
  11. Hey everyone! This last semester I took an Electronic Media Production class at my University, and our final assignment was to make a video project about any topic we chose. Of course it seemed like Great Adventure would be a perfect topic for me and something that would be really easy and fun to talk about. We were limited to about 2 minutes, but after this assignment I feel like I could make a whole series! Covid has impacted so much, and it was certainly interesting to do so many of my college classes online. I decided a nice tie-in to make the assignment topical was to discuss how GAdv was
  12. Yep! I’m pretty sure Right Stuff is on HBO Max, but it’s funny to have to get up mid movie and change the tape. With Right Stuff and Unforgiven, I have a little GA-inspired collection going!
  13. So sad to hear. Crazy, I just watched my Right Stuff VHS copy the other day!
  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes all! Definitely a weird time to turn 21, but still had a blast!
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