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  1. Happy Opening Day! Enjoy the park everyone
  2. Agreed! I feel like they really listened to the fans here and with all of the other announcements! A digital flash pass system and single rider lines are things we've wanted for a while and I'm glad we're finally getting those too! This is already shaping up to be a great season!
  3. I wouldn’t have most of the merchandise I have w/o the 50% off either. Just another reason to hold on to the membership. Not to mention how helpful it is to use that discount for food when I bring friends who don’t have dining plans.
  4. Well then for at least the next year, I’m not canceling my DE-VIP membership. The loss of unlimited dining is the biggest killer. I can’t imagine having only 10 total meals for the amount of times I’ve visited over the last few years.
  5. Photo taken from the Great Adventure Connoisseurs page on FB. Looks like a new paint job and theme is coming to Bizarro!
  6. Next year I graduate college, and the only big gift I want from my family is a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass with dining and drinks. I'm asking for it in mind of a trip I'm planning next year post-graduation to Cedar Point and Kings Island for the first time, knowing it'll lower the cost in the long run. However, while at school, I'm only 3hrs from Kings Dominion, definitely something I'm willing to make a day trip out of. I've been to this park before, but I'm missing some credits and want more rides on my current number one: Twisted Timbers. I'm thinking it may be best w/ this day trip in mind to maybe ask for the Platinum Pass early and have it be good for the rest of this year and 2022. However, while at home, Dorney is my "home" (closest @ about an hour and a half) Cedar Fair park. If I get this pass, does it work similarly to Six Flags where I must first visit the park the pass is tied to to activate it? And if this is the case, is it worth getting it tied to KD and making that my home park since I don't plan to visit Dorney between now and Labor Day when I go to KD? I was told that I may need to go back to KD to renew if I set up auto-renew, however with the difference being minimal in price, I'd be willing to rebuy at Dorney if I do decide on a Platinum Pass for 2023 (I've never had one before, so this next year would be a test on how much use I'd get out of it). What's the best way to go about all of this? TIA!
  7. I can't help but feel like Jr. Thrillseekers is a placeholder name for something better that we might see next year. I think a new kid's area will be one of our next big additions. I could see a Timber Town (or hopefully a Pine Barrens) theme taking over the area. Lil' Devil would be perfect as is, with Sky Zooma, Tornado and Bugaboo even working with their current names/themes, but I would give a retheme to others: Jumpin' Joey --> Timber Tower Air Safari --> Pine Barren Planes Raja's Rickshaw --> Timber Twirler I don't know if there's room back in Jr. Thrill Seekers for the old Seaport Rides, unless they put back the Flotilla and Planes back in their old pads, but I doubt they would remove the landscaping and planters that are there now. I think they could incorporate them into a DC Super Friends area, which could probably fit great on the opposite side of Justice League near the former site of the Musik Express. Filling out the space between the fountain and Metropolis would be great to fully revitalize the area of the park and extend it all the way to the end of the former Old Country pathway.
  8. I noticed this yesterday on my visit, too! I think they have some solid room near Lil' Devil to put back one or two of the old Seaport rides. Maybe some of the smaller rides like Hearts Aweigh or the Submarine. It'll be interesting to see new themes if/when these rides come back. Another nice area for some kids rides could be near the old site of the Musik Express. A DC Superfriends area could fit nicely there and help to fill out Metropolis on the opposite side closer to the fountain!
  9. Yeah, I was really impressed by all of the effects in the queue and on the ride itself. The ride itself I thought could’ve been a little longer and I could barely hear the video while on the ride, but overall I thought they did a great job with this one. It was probably one of the most immersive rides I’ve been on at a Six Flags park!
  10. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to join some friends on a trip to Connecticut and Massachusetts for 3 new parks! Our plan was to stop by Lake Compounce for a few hours one day, spend the following day at SFNE and visit Quassy on the way back home to NJ. Lake Compounce was first on Friday, and it was a very clean looking park! It reminded me of BGW in some ways with the really nice landscaping and flowers. Our main priority was to ride Boulder Dash, but we started with Wildcat. This one was super rough and wound up being my least favorite new coaster on the trip. Talk about setting the bar low! I can appreciate the history, but I feel lucky that I somehow came off w/o any back pain. One ride on that, plus one each on Phobia and Ghost Hunt. We got a backrow and frontrow ride on Boulder Dash, and both were incredible! Great speed for a wooden coaster and the mountain-backdrop made it even better! 2 rides total on Boulder Dash before heading out, no Zoomerang and I was unable to ride the kiddie coaster. Saturday was the highlight day for me. Six Flags New England was one of the first I discovered outside of GAdv when I was little and would watch POVs on YT. Luckily, our group bought gold flashpasses which were upgraded to platinum for free as a perk w/ our memberships. The flashpass was a must for a Saturday visit and really helped us get to every open coaster (only Goliath was closed). One thing I really appreciated about this park over GAdv was that virtually every DC-themed ride was in the same area. And what an awesome ride collection it was with an excellent mix of flats and coasters! We ate at JB's BBQ for lunch and the pulled pork fries were awesome! One minor nitpick on the park was that we noticed a lot of employees allowing their coworkers to use the flashpass line, which obviously ate into some of our time and probably cost us a few extra rides on Superman and WiCy (an amazing 1-2 punch at the park and 2 new favorites for me). After spending a good chunk of change for the flashpass, it would've been nice to know only the people who paid for those passes were utilizing the lines. In my past experiences working at GAdv, I know employees could get into serious trouble for doing something like that. Final ride count: 1x ea. on Stampede Bumper Cars, Great Chase, Catwoman Whip, Gotham City Gauntlet, Supergirl Sky Flyer, Riddler Revenge, Batman the Dark Knight, Cyborg Hyper Drive, Joker, Thunderbolt, Pandemonium, Flashback & New England Sky Screamer. 4x ea. on Superman and Wicked Cyclone. Our last stop on our drive home was Quassy. I didn't do much research into this park, but again like so much else on the trip, I was pleasantly surprised! It was cool to see a similar ticket system like the ones at the nearby boardwalk parks, but we were only there to ride Wooden Warrior and Little Dipper. Little Dipper packed more of a punch than expected, but the real highlight was Wooden Warrior. This thing hauls and makes me more excited to get out to Sesame Place and try out Oscar's Wacky Taxi. 1 ride each on Quassy's 2 coasters. Here's a fun fact: our gas for the entire trip ($30) cost less than our 4 large drinks at Quassy (~$32)! Overall, I was lucky to gain 16 new credits on this trip to bring me up to 87. Not a ton in comparison to some of my other friends, but I'm slowly inching closer to 100! I highly recommend a similar trip to anyone looking to try out the coasters of the New England area, this was a fun one!
  11. I had an awesome day at Jersey Devil previews! I got to ride 11 times throughout the day, really great considering that there was some extended downtime at times during the day. The back was incredible for airtime, and I definitely felt more hangtime toward the front. While it ran really slow after the MCBR early on, it got a lot faster and better as the coaster warmed up. I could say that in general about the entire experience! I can’t wait to go to media day tomorrow and get more rides, this is easily a top 3 coaster at the park for me. Stop me if you see me and say hi! I’ll be wearing an El Diablo shirt
  12. So excited to be there for opening day! Lots of cool additions to compliment JD. Glad we're getting some different food options too
  13. Jersey Devil BBQ coming to the building that used to be Casa de Quesadilla (Nitro Grill) across from Congo Rapids. New Smokehouse near Dare Devil Dive and the Carousel, too. That might be something like what we see Rita's becomes during HITP.
  14. Awesome! I was there opening day and this past Sunday, it was an awesome park! I've only been 3 times ever with my first visit being last year, but the park is so much better than its reputation! I was able to get a ton of rides on Superman, I had a blast!
  15. This cool Facebook post on the Great Adventure Connoisseurs page reminded me that on this day in 1993, Traffic Jam’s roof collapsed from a blizzard!
  16. This was the first major coaster I worked in my time at the park, this was a fun one to work!
  17. There’s a chance! Still a ton more to go into the ride after track is finished. Queue/station construction, programming, testing and training for crews. Probably more likely that it opens after opening day, but still possible!
  18. So it looks like the drive thru safari really helped them maintain/boost single day ticket sales. I can see the drive thru lasting a little longer than expected because of that. I wonder too what parks they're talking about when they mention investing with new rides in "markets with high growth potential".
  19. I’ve been able to use my 2 meals and snack whenever I wanted through the app during HITP. Sometimes I’ve even used both my meals at the same time.
  20. I was lucky enough to get a group of visits in at GAdv this weekend after my plans to visit Friday were cancelled because of the snow. However, walking in the park Saturday made it seem like they didn't make too much progress. I almost felt like I should've brought ice skates with me! I was just happy to be at the park! Not only was this weekend amazing for the surprise opening of Cyborg, but I also hit my 50th overall visit to the park this season today (12/20)! Considering all of the hardships this year has brought for all of us, and some personal ones too, I'm so thankful that I could go and enjoy the park as frequently as I do! I got to be on the 2 very first public cycles of Cyborg this year on Saturday, and unfortunately both ended in being stuck on the ride for about 10 minutes each time. A lot of people on the ground looked terrified for my friends and I, but we actually had a blast up there! Against our better judgement, we decided to try riding it one more time about an hour after the second time being stuck and were able to get a full, normal ride. Even on the cycles where we got stuck, we noticed that Cyborg's new motor made the ride run smoother than before and it almost felt like we were getting more flips and unique cycles. A lot of the community members rip on it, but I'm glad it was able to open! I rode another time today, this time another full cycle without any stoppage. Overall, very light crowds this weekend. I guess we can thank icy conditions and projected rain that never came for that. Some rides couldn't handle the cold yesterday, but today was a lot better with more rides being able to open and stay consistently operational for most of the day. I got a lot of cool opportunities between lights-on rides for Skull Mountain, a trimless ride on Nitro, the first public rides of the season for Cyborg and completely pitch-black rides on Dark Knight (no effects were on whatsoever). This is definitely not the last time I'll be braving the cold to go enjoy the rides. It will be interesting to see how many more visits I can get and what my ride and food totals come out to (call me crazy, but yes I'm keeping track )! I've attached some of my best pictures which showcased the snowy conditions at the park. My ride totals across the two visits: Justice League 7x, Skull Mountain 6x, Nitro 4x, Cyborg 4x, Dark Knight 3x, Wonder Woman 2x, Joker 1x, Harley Quinn 1x, Sky Way 1x
  21. Absolutely! Glad I could use this assignment for something beyond a grade.
  22. Hey everyone! This last semester I took an Electronic Media Production class at my University, and our final assignment was to make a video project about any topic we chose. Of course it seemed like Great Adventure would be a perfect topic for me and something that would be really easy and fun to talk about. We were limited to about 2 minutes, but after this assignment I feel like I could make a whole series! Covid has impacted so much, and it was certainly interesting to do so many of my college classes online. I decided a nice tie-in to make the assignment topical was to discuss how GAdv was handling safety protocols. I decided to call the short "Do the Six at Great Adventure". The goal of the production was to tell a story and use different shot-placement and interview techniques. I hope you all enjoy it, and I'll update everyone when I have a grade back for it! 1870614436_DoTheSixatGreatAdventure(COMM324FinalProd.).mp4
  23. Yep! I’m pretty sure Right Stuff is on HBO Max, but it’s funny to have to get up mid movie and change the tape. With Right Stuff and Unforgiven, I have a little GA-inspired collection going!
  24. So sad to hear. Crazy, I just watched my Right Stuff VHS copy the other day!
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