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  1. Id love for you to branch off and and launch another history website like Geauga lake,cedar point,six flags astroworld. Btw congrats on 10 years, i remember seeing the website in 2011 but just realized this tear that there was a fourms section... if i only knew:(
  2. Besides the carousel,musik express,giant wheel, skyride,green lantern and jumbo jet ,has there ever been a ride thats been installed thats been relocated from another park?
  3. When the park first opened there was no music in the park but this original enterprise had a star trek type of song on replay. Can anyone back me up on this?
  4. Mr.Anarchy


    Back when GA first opened I worked the '75 season and if your were knew in the fun fair, it wasent so fun for you because all the new kids got stuck with the rotor and that also applied to cleaning the throw up of hot dog,soda and popcorn and how much i cleaned it, that smell would stick in the ride and my cloths would smell until the end of the week when I got my check to wash my cloths, did nothing. Ended up buying a new uniform and for all of the '75 season i was stuck in the fun fair operating rotor,troika,matterhorn,swiss bob and enterprise. All of which i would have to clean if i oporate
  5. I love the wild rider shots, good find
  6. In retrospect I think we can all agree that we need a new coaster that dosent go upside down
  7. With the new rmc opening at KD in 2018 and invadr this year in 2018-2019 is the most probable time slot we would see an rmc-gci and come to think of it were the only major six flags park without an rmc or gci so with that in mind we will most likely see an rmc or gci, personally I would like to see a wood coaster that isint eltoro and see a stick to the terrain type of coaster come to the park
  8. Mr.Anarchy


    I dont know if im going crazy or not but back in 1979 I vividly remember a promotion sign for rotor to see how who could last the longest on the ride until theres one person left and you would win something , dont know if this is true or not or just me tripping my balls off after getting of RT (best feeling ever) anyone know if this is true or not?
  9. Whenever i saw this at the park it always attracted a crowd, always wondered why they removed it?
  10. thats the best part about skully, it adds to the dark cave feature
  11. Any info on the new $10 and under store? I kind of wanna know what kind of merch they got
  12. If anyone is going to GA today please post what like new events and how BFM is on opening day
  13. Any idea if JLBFM will be open on opening day?
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