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  1. A lot of park goers had an idea of what a “suspended coaster” was by 1993. However, not-a-one of them ever featured an inversion or “loop” of any kind; obviously. Back then, one’s “looping” was executed from/on the “inside” - instead of the “outside” of the track. This TV ad. had been broadcasted during the early 90’s; the concept of a “ stand-up” coaster had only just been introduced to GA a mere two years prior, w/ ShockWave. It’s all in the marketing; the entire “outside looping” concept helped to increase the “thrill factor” when the Park advertised to visitoring public.
  2. When speaking about to Park, I always use the moniker, “Great Adventure.” I never, ever, ever refer to it as anything else; especially “Six Flags.” Over time, I’ve come to discover that a person’s age has a lot to do with the name by which they refer to Park. In the Greater Phil’s/SJ area; anyone born after 1985 simply refers to the Park as Six Flags. What’s your take?
  3. Wow! If you’re all these years, it’s nice to see that I’m not completely off my rocker having noticed not only the blue track which contrasted with the finished product but the logo or ride logo that was being used as well. I have to be honest, it took me a good three to four more years before I realized the coaster in the ads was a different ride entirely, however it did shared a similar layout to GASM. Until that time, however, I simply believe that the ride/track color was updated or changed to blue every so often for the filming of commercials. Sheesh, was I naïve! Also like yourself, I was fascinated by the television ad for the coaster; watching and staring into the screen in total amazement at what was going on! The thought has not crossed my mind at the time but in a few short weeks from viewing that commercial for the first time, I would find myself sitting next to my father; my older sister w/ mom a few cars ahead, as the train clanked It’s way up that left children appeared to just go on forever and ever. I remember thinking to myself, “I’m dead ...I’m going to die, For real!” I’m going out on a limb here, however if I had to take an educated guess I would say that three out of the four of us had a meltdown of some kind before that ride ended. My father was definitely not one of them. Like me, my mother kept whatever emotion she was feeling at the time to herself; however my sister is another story entirely! She on the other hand I had a meltdown of massive proportions. As we need the midway point I remember her saying actually screaming out loud “Dad, I’m going to kill you! This is not the same bobsled ride that was here last year!” Good ol’ “Quality time with the family!”
  4. Howdy! We visited Frontier City a few years back; worth the drive....really a nice park. TBH, the relocation of the “Blue/Lower Loop Side” to Frontier City was our primary reason for visiting the park. (well, & to do a bit of storm chasing, too). Having ridden the “Red/Upper Loop” as LL and then again as the relocated “Python”; the opportunity to ride to “other side” was NOT going to pass me by. We made about 10 or so minutes of OFF-RIDE video of Diamondback during our visit to Frontier City & hanging-up in my Parent’s office is a close-up shot of the “Python” in action. Framed and all! Lol. I’d be more than happy to share these items with you for the update. *Trivia* Did you know? The “LOOP” portion of the coaster has undergone significant/obvious track work since being removed from GA . The number of cross ties around the loop have increased dramatically; if memory arrives, the track work took place a few seasons after the relocation to FC had taken place .Little fun fact. let me know if you want any of video clips of pics! Take care! -CJ Mayer *UPDATED* to include the photos we snapped of LL (Upper-RedSide) during our first visit to Adventure World, now known as Six Flags America in 1998. Pics and video of DIAMONDBACK to follow shortly after;
  5. Harry, lol, it’s me again! Is this item still available for sale?! Thanks in advance and take care! ChrisJoseph
  6. Hey-Ya fellow Park Fans! Can you help me?! So; I am searching for new or like new replacements for several of my Vintage (circa) 1987-1993 Park Souvenir Maps HAND DRAWN & produced by those remarkable artists over @ Citigraph’s Theme Park Division. I am missing four or five collectors edition/Park Souvenir Maps; poster-sized. The original maps were.... well....Destroyed! YES, Destroyed! I believe each of them were thrown-out for trash in error. At this point, replacing the map listed immediately below had been the most special to me; SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA, circa 1991 Willing to trade or provide “Extras” from my own Map/General Park Souvenir Collection for this Map! $$$, or willing to pay a FAIR price in exchange for this 1991 GAmerica Map, too! Oh yeah..., I trade/buy/sell ORIGINAL, or genuine items only! I will not consider items which are thought to be “counterfeit” or a reproduction of any kind. Thanks in advance, fellow Park fans!
  7. Any word on the availability of this item, as well as your others? … Yes, I am aware of the date on which the original sales listing had been posted created for this item. No harm in asking, right?! LOL Thanks so much! ChrisJ
  8. I feel like a kid in a candy store! Is this item still available?
  9. Any chance this item is still available?
  10. What are the odd this item is available ?
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