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  1. i wanted to ride the chaos, is there a park in usa that still has one?
  2. maybe they turning the half of safari kids into a forest themed area nitro gets a scary forest themed and congo rapids be about rapids into a forest with scary monsters around you as you splash
  3. it remind me of charlie and the chocolate factory
  4. move walmart somewhere else, this big bird texas home
  5. i kinda wish we got taco bell instead of johnny rockets
  6. hi im harry today it august 2nd, and as a result i doing a annocment


    today i start a account on anime superhero forums

  7. finally something be built on geauga lake spot (missed opportunity for fun spot usa ohio)
  8. i wonder it be a better concept than the defunct pillgrim plunge
  9. does anyone remember six flags promoting ratchet and clark the movie on the jumbotron and some mini tvs
  10. dude post that in the misc theard
  11. well, usa just reached 3 million cases, i guess sixflagsfun prediction is true
  12. my anxiety and this coronavirus outbreak in the south and west side of usa
  13. is warnermedia going to put ruby spears on hbomax as well as the post 1991 ruby spears library which they dont own i mean, if they added south park on it, why not the post 1991 ruby spears library
  14. i read that and i worred that jersey devil will end up like chiller went
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