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  1. Matt thank you for the info! I just hear a ton of chatter in regards to Bizzaro's location and ridership, but yes very new to the goings on again so I trust your info on the situation. Medusa holds great memories for me as I was a reg season pass holder in late nineties and being a first of its kind... it's just that I don't trust the SF chain to be fiercely loyal to any of their stock... As for GL, yes thank you for info on why Chang removal as well. I apologize for the misinformation as well. Do we know if there is any credible chatter or Mngmt taking this seriously...about the change to a different ride system? It's rather sad, yes the ride is incredibly intense but with the stand up system is clunky and provides no additional thrill short of the awful feeling of pain in the shins and knees. My entire family complained of it and agreed it would not be a coaster at GA we would contemplate again. It's just sad to refer to a B&M like this, but I do know it's not the only B&M that didn't quite fit the bill in one way or another, I mean there is one right next to it IMO. I could see the floorless trains added just to update this addition, but I mean would that take care of the force emitted to the lower legs? I assume so as you are sitting rather than standing. But then, two floorless B&M's with similar elements... it just seems so redundant. I truly wish they would just wipe that slate clean and start over in that spot... it's just such an afterthought empty flat lot with no character whatsoever, it wouldn't kill me if they just turned it into additional parking. LOL
  2. Alright guys, I'm sure this is no new debate or topic. Please tell me your thoughts though. This may be more relevant to future goings on but I must address this. It is no mystery this ride is intense nor is it a wonder why it was removed as Chang. The pressure and pain on lower legs and knees due to the intense G forces while standing is not acceptable and I feel dangerous for those with knee problems. I nor my family will ride this coaster anymore, and sadly it is a B&M, my personal fav co. known for intense yet smooth and comfortable ride experiences. Please tell me if there is any real chatter about replacing the Stand Up vehicles or if this coaster is slated for possible future removal. Ive heard chatter on here about Medusa/Bizzaro being a candidate for removal for a new coaster. This, I feel would be sinful as Medusa is still one of the best B&M looping coasters and first of its kind. My opinion is GL must be removed and replaced or at very least a new ride system. Thoughts?
  3. Hi guys, Ty for replies. Really appreciate. Looking back on my post, yeah I mean its harsh. We have the Season Pass membership and food package for 2017-18. We've already attended three times this past month, so absolutely is the Pass, parking, food combo entirely worth how much use we will get out of it? My lord it sure is! No doubt I feel very good about our purchase and, where this used to be my hometown park some 20 years ago, I'm starting to feel back at home with each visit. I have to tell ya, had a great FF experience last night. Rides and coasters by day, no to manageable lines and then, at 6 when throngs were present decided to do the Dead Man's Party show and then UNLEASHED which, I was totally blown away by. I might pay sixty some bucks or more to see that show were it elsewhere and like a half hour longer! We had plenty of encounters with the roaming ghouls and baddies including a backward crawling girl that was absolutely chilling. Had chance to do some other shows like Ignite which seemed cool but couldn't. Once I took a deep breath, stomached the MASSES and said, let's experience what IS free with FF, I started to realize that short of an indoor scare walk through or hayride, there is still quite a bit to enjoy. No, I will not pay extra for the haunted mazes, I imagine they are OK at best... and I may be a bit spoiled as I live 5 mins from The Bates Motel in PA which is consistently rated one of the Top 10 in the US. But that is expensive as all heck as well. I guess, its just the world keeps getting more and more expensive no matter what you enjoy and, the if the GP will pay then the price hikes will reign down
  4. Yes great points Lemur. Understood. No doubt the investments are spread out and I have absolutely NOOO issue with that being dedicated to major thrill attractions. I personally pine for the coaster war days but as well all know those days are beyond us. What I suppose I'd like to see is less turnover. I know that is vague and I guess that comes with constant changing of SF ownership. I understand things change and some attractions come and go but hearing things like Medusa/Bizzaro is on the speculative chopping block due to it's location and lower attendance has got me really freaked. If anything I would say Green Lantern should take the hike as it may be the only B&M I've ridden that has the potential to be painful especially to the knees and lower legs if not affixed properly. I must say though, that I was previously rather harsh on the matter of the park and, upon returning to the park several times over the course of the last month, I've really noted so much of it's appeal and several unique attractions. While I can't stand the uncharges especially for haunted mazes I have to say I was completely BLOWN AWAY by UNLEASHED in the Showcase Theater. I might just pay admission just to see that show! Post a little all over and not to the point I do apologize.
  5. Well it's 2017 and there's just about an uncharge for everything. That doesn't make it acceptable. We can grumble about this and not feel guilty for it. Remember when Fright Fest was an event that, while not having as many "attractions" was included in the admission to the park? The Hayride, now gone and the shows were IMO far better attractions than most of these uncharge makeshift mazes that are quite frankly a total rip off. For unlimited admission to all the mazes it is a $30 up charge. Unreal. Unconscionable. A family of four would need to pay $120 on top of the cost to enter the park plus food and souvenirs? Even for pass holders this is totally insane. Am I wrong on the details and if so I will rescind but as a person who truly looked forward to this event years ago it just makes me angry to walk around and see this anymore. Hey look, I get it, SF isn't the only park up charging but come on. You're not going to tell me this isn't gouging at it's finest. Thoughts anyone?
  6. Bravo. What happened over these last ten years? Absolutely no shows at all to speak of short of one small animal show. i get it, budget budget budget. These things do not attract visitors etc etc. however GADV is merely a shell of its former self and seems terribly hollow and one dimensional.
  7. I suppose I'm one of those folks that pines for SFGA to become something of it;s former ambitions while knowing full well this is merely a pipe dream. Granted, there are many things to be excited by with a collection of world class coasters and promising new attractions, however anyone will admit that this park is in a constant tumultuous state that begs to "find itself'. A cohesive lack of creative vision may be something we just won't ever see under current SF management as ticket sales depend largely on the next thrill attraction versus creating and maintaining themes. I think of the Golden Kingdom and it's rather ambitious theming for a SF park. While it seemed like this area could have marked a turn for a greater vision for GADV, we've watched as year after year rides, attractions, shows, structures age poorly, are removed, replaced or altogether abandoned. My thought, or question for a new topic is, were there budget to do so how would you "Tie this place all together", get rid of dead weight, fix or embellish on lackluster areas? Bring back entertainment or provide more interesting experiences for all rather than just thrill seekers? How might you imagine SFGADV becoming something of its original promise as a travel destination?
  8. Hello all, new to the forums. Long time GADV visitor since 70s pass holder late 90s early 2000s. Just got the 17-18 pass. A lot of good things to say but just as many sad things and the area of Old Country is one of them. Many parks undergo changes, but none so as drastic as SFGADV it seems. More removals, re-themes and abandonments for I imagine, budgetary issues and what exists now is a park that feels well developed in some places and underwhelming in others. My biggest gripe is the removal of classic attractions that provide this park with some sense of its nostalgia, albeit flat rides and family rides like the Enterprise or Music Express. Understood the 1999 War on Lines was a bust and so many of those flats were removed due to understaffing and mech problems, but boy it just feels like, in so many places this park is entirely lacking. I'd ask for a return of a big splasher water ride - the park seriously misses this, although I'm sure they wouldn't invest in such feeling in only detracts from the water park. Let's face it, Log Flume and CRR, while good attractions are hit or miss on cooling you off. if not this how excellent might it be if Old Country, albeit small was a tribute to GA past, possibly themed to and with attractions that recall an earlier time. Would be so cool for this park to embrace it's rich history somehow and provide it some sense of legacy. Of course, this doesn't exactly boost ticket sales, so it's just a wish mores than a realistic suggestion.
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