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  1. Ok let me check. Do not have many things from that time at all. I will have him go through some things.
  2. This would complete my rolling thunder collection. Are you willing to sell this for around $5-10?
  3. My dad worked at the park the first two years. I have his old security badge and all but we never had one of these. What would you be willing to sell it for as I dont have anything to trade willing to give away. I have a piece of rolling thunder and a few other things but they are all in my collection.
  4. How much are you willing to sell this?
  5. I emailed them but once I emailed Neal he said yes.
  6. I was never sent this though I got in contact with him had a chat and yes he is now. But dont think its true unless its confirmed. Rumors arnt allways true just this one was and it was meh.
  7. I say it would be cool but I like having fewer IPs in the parks and having an original name. Nitros color scheme sucks just it was going to be red insted of magenta so not to better. The ride would have been the same with addition of some themeing. Im glad this didnt happen or they would have called batman and superman one day BatMan V Superman Area! Thats my opinion.
  8. There is no proof of a new president for great adventure as they denyed that this is happening and say that if it was an announcement would have been made.
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