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  1. Do we have pictures or the configuration on how the ride harness system will work. I seen the view in a previous video but i was hoping they adjust to accommodate larger guests like bizzarro.
  2. Not sure where i should post this so i guessed here Hello guys its me again. I am trying to make sure I can ride a lot more rides then last year. I am looking to see if anyone has a Target girth one needs to be below to make the harness work. I know nitro it is more of a thigh thing then a girth thing. I am looking to set a target so I am ready for opening day. Last year I was just short for Bizarro , king da ka and it was hit or miss on the dark knight. Anyone have any pointers
  3. i wish they would add some new props to this ride or a waterfall or two. I like the poison ivy gives this ride the woodsy feel.
  4. i am sure something is in the works with the new indoor watermark on its way to opening.
  5. I am kinda sad to see it go i use to love watching people wipe out on this while i smoked.
  6. Looking for any maps or handouts from 1996 or 1978
  7. Urklore


    Wow i want to go to that park next year. the hours in the other parks are a lot shorter and less frequent in the off season in the other parks.
  8. The best they have done yet i don;t think they could top it next year. brings back memories of the holiday lights in SFGA
  9. this seems like a ride you would need to signa release to ride. or have a death wish
  10. 5) 4D ride (Mach one, sponge bob) 4) Shows in the park 3) Hydro flume 2)Movie town splash works 1)Rolling thunder
  11. I like some of the ride specific Mech. but it seems like if it is not branded with DC stuff it is hard to find. I find all of my six flags labeled stuff at attitudes and the candy shop by the sea lion show. Can not find this years ordainment if someone wants to pick me up one at the park i will pay for it
  12. I forgot about the band organ. When did they remove it. Last time i recall it was in the late 70's early 80's when i was a child.
  13. Would be nice. however as far as i have been told Six flags america(upper Marlboro MD) is the only park left with stunt actors on the payroll full time. I went there this summer and went to all there shows never realized how much i really missed them in my home park.
  14. $4.00 for membership not sure what it is for everyone else. i thought i was well worth it and cute.
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