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  1. Can someone snap a picture of the harness. Is this big person friendly or another coaster that i can put on my wish list.
  2. Has anyone seen or noticed the ever shrinking Smoking areas in our park. i Understood That they had to repurpose some of the areas for mask relief zones During the COVID Era. We did have 9 Smoking areas in and around the park. As of right now are down to only 3. I have seen a increase do to the lack of these areas more people vaping and smoking in the park and more cigarettes' buts littering the ground. Does anyone know the reason my thought it was where the cameras are located at an attempt to stop to use of marijuana in our park. Is this the real reason or are they attempting to make the park smoke free all together. It just seems odd to me that they would remove over half of these locations that have been smoking locations for years with out making other concessions for the smokers that enter the park.
  3. Do we have pictures or the configuration on how the ride harness system will work. I seen the view in a previous video but i was hoping they adjust to accommodate larger guests like bizzarro.
  4. Not sure where i should post this so i guessed here Hello guys its me again. I am trying to make sure I can ride a lot more rides then last year. I am looking to see if anyone has a Target girth one needs to be below to make the harness work. I know nitro it is more of a thigh thing then a girth thing. I am looking to set a target so I am ready for opening day. Last year I was just short for Bizarro , king da ka and it was hit or miss on the dark knight. Anyone have any pointers
  5. i wish they would add some new props to this ride or a waterfall or two. I like the poison ivy gives this ride the woodsy feel.
  6. i am sure something is in the works with the new indoor watermark on its way to opening.
  7. I am kinda sad to see it go i use to love watching people wipe out on this while i smoked.
  8. Looking for any maps or handouts from 1996 or 1978
  9. Urklore


    Wow i want to go to that park next year. the hours in the other parks are a lot shorter and less frequent in the off season in the other parks.
  10. The best they have done yet i don;t think they could top it next year. brings back memories of the holiday lights in SFGA
  11. this seems like a ride you would need to signa release to ride. or have a death wish
  12. 5) 4D ride (Mach one, sponge bob) 4) Shows in the park 3) Hydro flume 2)Movie town splash works 1)Rolling thunder
  13. I like some of the ride specific Mech. but it seems like if it is not branded with DC stuff it is hard to find. I find all of my six flags labeled stuff at attitudes and the candy shop by the sea lion show. Can not find this years ordainment if someone wants to pick me up one at the park i will pay for it
  14. I forgot about the band organ. When did they remove it. Last time i recall it was in the late 70's early 80's when i was a child.
  15. Would be nice. however as far as i have been told Six flags america(upper Marlboro MD) is the only park left with stunt actors on the payroll full time. I went there this summer and went to all there shows never realized how much i really missed them in my home park.
  16. $4.00 for membership not sure what it is for everyone else. i thought i was well worth it and cute.
  17. Looking to see if there is any interest in doing a group meetup next year in the park
  18. Greetings fellow Ride people. Its been a while since i updated this list so i figure since it is nearly Holiday in the park and the crowds will be at a all time low i would update my list for the rides i have not mentioned before Sky screamer - seat belt / bar secures to seat easy fit for larger guest might need some help securing the chain to the seat from the bat that is on the chains due to thigh size - other then at easy peezy. Nitro - Single locking restraint molded seat - You need to get the locking mech to lock and to have the yellow line on the bottom show completely. i can get this to lock but it digs into my thighs so i can not get the yellow to show. If you are think in the lower half of your body this is a no go ride -- Walk of shame **Update ** Dark knight not every car is the same cars 9 , 7 are good for larger guests you will not get on any of the other cars I will update this list complete once Hoilday in the park is in full go mode . Let me know if you need any other reports on any of the rides in the park
  19. i never get a response through that form. I hate to wait in the Que to talk to them in the park. I use to have the address but i lost it somewhere in my travels
  20. Would anyone have the email address for contact in the park for customer service related issues. or know the email format for the management in the park. as in FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME @GFGA.com ...
  21. Well its been a While i still go to the park every weekend like clockwork:0 here is my update from my bast visits Log Flume - Simple bench seat no restraint taller guests might want to sit in the back seat Bizzaro - Extra Seat belt length over the shoulder harness molded seat. Was Just short on locking the belt - WALK of Shame Dark night - Single push down lap restraint - There is a trick to get on this ride 1st ride solo in rear of car. 2nd sit down and lock your restraint prior to the empty seats lap bar gets pushed down. If you push the empty cars lap bar down first your thigh will sit awkwardly and you will not get the green light to ride. Well that should cover everything but Superman and green lantern. Been very discourage with the larger coasters in the park.Frustrated that even with my massive weight loss i fail to be able to ride anything but the most basic rides. I will get some bravery and try the other two some day and report the restraint system. Until I hope this helps everyone
  22. Rides update El toro Lap bar with SHORT belt - Was not even close Belt was a mile away from connecting - WALK OF SHAME Harley queen- Same Lap bar system as Skull mountain - EASY just leg room is a little cramped. Buccaneer Lap bar system larger guest should sit in the smaller lap bar solo. Tango :Lap bar system- This ride was not made for taller guests but is doable. Diablo Over the head harness with seat belt. - Could not fit in harness WALK OF SHAME\
  23. 5/27 I arrived at hurricane harbor bright and early at 10:30 They decided to close for the day due to rain so I decided to go to the other park to enjoy my day. When entering the park due to the drizzle they need to go back to old school bag searches which I forgot how long the security lines were. Boy I love innovation. The park was empty due to the rain felt like I had full run of the park with no ride having more than a 5 min wait time. All ques were empty. Nothing new to report except they opened the path right behind the ride information building now. Looks like the landscapers did a fabulous job and you can now get a good look at the completed Cyborg ride. Ride count (Kids ride count included) Nitro 4x Skull mountain 13 x Tea cups x1 Buccaneer x1 Swashbuckler x1 Sky ride x1 Battle of metro x 4 Congo rapids x 4 Tango x 3 Diablo x 2 El Toro x 4 Bizarro x 2 Harley Quinn x 1 Joker x 1 5/28 Got to hurricane harbor at 10:30 They were open YEAH...!!! Park was empty as it was a cool day. My kids went nuts on all the slides I was beat from the prior days activities so I just laid about the wave pool. Kids told me there was ZERO wait for anything in the park. King cobra was close for the 2nd weekend. I stayed till close and was a restful day at the water park. I transferred to the main park for dinner. Main park was SWAMPED which I expected but died off around 7pm. Managed to get a few rides in not many as the food lines were exceptionally long with all the people. I did however get to see cyborg all lit up and them do some testing on it. I will tell you I hope they are installing barf troughs outside because this looks like a stomach turner. I did manger to talk to one of the ride operator testing the ride. They told me they are waiting for the state to certify the ride hence the date has been pushed back on its released until they can get it certified. They were running a multi-color LED light scheme I am sure they are not going to leave it that way as I see the ground lights surrounding the ride are all RED. I was ko0l to watch and see how the dummy’s where harnessed in. I will post pictures later when I get them off my phone. I think I may also have a video if anyone is interested. Ride count Wave pool (ALL DAY) kids don’t count slides they rode they as well were having a blast. Skull mountain x 4 Justice league x 6 King da ka x2
  24. The Park was empty only a hand full of people in the wave pool
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