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  1. Lil’ Devil has its train on the track!
  2. And opening day (previews) comes right after
  3. Looks like we posted on here about this at the same time lol
  4. Anyone know what’s up with this ad? I know the park already confirmed that it’s not true, but I can’t help but wonder.. IMG_5994.MOV
  5. I really hope it doesn’t have member previews that weekend, as it’s the weekend of Coastermania at Cedar Point and Holiwood Nights at Holiday World. They’ve been pushing for Memorial Day since the start, and it is certainly possible for it to open next weekend!
  6. Gadv leaked their Xpedition Dino event! I made a video covering everything about the event from ticket prices to dates:
  7. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but there’s a new Jersey Devil logo on the front of every car (shown in today’s Beyond the Adventure video)!
  8. I have been to the park, twice. I will have a full video on the topic coming out on Friday, but I can say with confidence that the park is definitely very safe. My video will come out at 1:00 PM EST on Friday on the Coliwood Studios YouTube channel, so feel free to check it out when it comes out! We’re actually so confident in Six Flags that we’re going to 4 Six Flags Parks across Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas!
  9. I will really be surprised if Ka is open.
  10. Now the only question that remains is what’s happening to Jersey Devil?
  11. I could see JDC opening for Fright Fest with a huge membership/pass marketing blitz. BUT, it all depends on the covid situation and when the park is actually allowed to open. More than likely it will probably get pushed to 2021...
  12. We're gonna be there the last week of July (reservations are set for two days). We are also going to Sea World and ZDTs(if time allows).
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