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  1. Possibly the only Cedar Fair coaster coming in 2021
  2. Too bad Polin hasn't made more of these in the US
  3. KW's mascot is literally a KANGAROO.
  4. Knoebel's is getting a Bayern in 2021 tho.
  5. Maybe a DC Super Friends kid area, since Bugs Bunny has Bugs Bunny National Park.
  6. What about Under 18s... You have to be 18 to have your own credit card
  7. I think it's 1 ride per park, and for Great Adventure... Twister, as other people have said.
  8. Honestly, Goliath is optional if you are going to Sea World.
  9. Sad the upper loop is gone, i think Six Flags should buy out Elitch Gardens and relocate the two coasters back to GADv to mark the grand return of the Lightnin' Loops.
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