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  1. Since COVID is finally dying down and the SFOG Sky Buckets are pretty much up-for-grabs, does that mean a capacity increase to SFGAdv's Skyride, even running both sides again?
  2. I could care less. If you smoke you choke.
  3. go to around 0:40
  4. Possibly the only Cedar Fair coaster coming in 2021
  5. Too bad Polin hasn't made more of these in the US
  6. KW's mascot is literally a KANGAROO.
  7. Knoebel's is getting a Bayern in 2021 tho.
  8. Maybe a DC Super Friends kid area, since Bugs Bunny has Bugs Bunny National Park.
  9. What about Under 18s... You have to be 18 to have your own credit card
  10. I think it's 1 ride per park, and for Great Adventure... Twister, as other people have said.
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