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  1. Apparently, Harley Quinn has been added to Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. They've also deleted the virtual loop sequence. What I'm thinking is that they should bring back the Wave Swinger and turn it into DC Super Villains Swing like at SFOG, SFFT, and SFGAm, replacing the Observatory. Harley would have to be replaced with Grid or someone like that, since she's in too many rides now. But keep Black Manta.
  2. Lil Nas X's Call Me By Your Name reminds me of JDC. Thank B Meh the Antagonist.
  3. I'm too chicken to try Ka, Joker, or JDC. Or Wonder Woman. I hate the stomach drop and hangtime.
  4. I remember seeing Porky during Fright Fest 2018, but I have never seen Marvin. I assume Porky still meets, but what about Marvin?
  5. "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps, due to it playing when I was in line for Superman Ultimate Flight on my September 2018 trip. It played again when we were leaving the park on my October 2021 trip, and I wondered "Why does this song always play on my best trips to the park?"
  6. I want the Flotilla back! My OC Yuuki remembers riding it in 2001...
  7. The other Instagram post said "Riddle me this," so...
  8. My two most recent trips to GAdv have always opened with me wanting to ride Superman, only to find out that it's closed. I want to avoid the line that inevitably forms later in the day (I had to suffer thru that last time.) Superman isn't that remarkable to me, mostly due to the uncomfortable face-down sensation, so I want to know when it usually opens, and when it opens during Holiday in the Park, so I can go on it and beat everyone else.
  9. Going soon. Hopefully will marathon Nitro all day. And Batman. What time does Superman open? I'm tryna beat the lines so I don't have to end up riding... the green monster instead. For Christmas I want a membership to all Six Flags parks so me and my dad can hit up all of them thru the coming year.
  10. I haven't been on this yet due to the 87 degree drop frightening me. I heard there's little airtime on it. If I could handle Nitro's drop, this will be a cakewalk for me.
  11. A typical day at GAdv for me starts like... 1. I'm still kinda nervous about going upside down (if it hasn't been awhile, otherwise omit this part.) 2. I decide to ride Superman first thing to ease me back into the swing of things. 3. Superman is of course closed. 4. I have to ride... the green monster (not Ka. The OTHER green monster) instead. The past two trips have all opened this way. When I go back for HitP I'm just gonna go straight to Nitro to avoid this happening.
  12. Moloko would've played in the queue around 1998
  13. You forgot The Chiller?! Anyway, it's nice that Viper made an appearance in this. I think we should expand Great Adventure to include more rides. It could have DC and Looney Tunes themes, original themes, SF-74 (61?) themes, you name it. I want AT&T to purchase Six Flags and have them turn GAdv into the Northeast's Walt Disney World.
  14. Skull Mountain was going to be themed after Gremlins?!
  15. You know how in the pre-show video, it shows a screen saying "I believe in Harvey Dent" for a few seconds? Well... I've decided to say that about another lawyer named Harvey.
  16. Actually, I did an artistic piece about it: https://youtu.be/r3i1f6L0pbg
  17. Honestly, GAdv's DC area does not have late '90s vibes to it at all; every character uses their New 52 art, The Dark Knight ride, Cyborg is mentioned as a member of the Justice League, Justice League BFM, etc. The only '90s ride there is Batman, but Burton is timeless, anyway.
  18. OK, I feel like I will try to ride it again on Autism Day solely because of Ryan. On the drop, I'm gonna scream "LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!" as loud as I can.
  19. If this park survived, Cyborg could be a big part of it.
  20. I know SFMM was the set of the Kidsongs video "Ride the Roller Coaster." I always wanted the kids to come back to SFMM as adults and shoot a remake. Josh Keaton was in it, and we know he's Flash and GL in Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.
  21. Before I watch it, is S.I.R. (Simulated Intelligence Robotics) in this video?
  22. Can't wait to go back to Six Flags! It opens this week!

  23. It's almost a year later and I have some good news. I might be a ride op at Nickelodeon Universe in the American Dream Mall this summer. I don't really like Nick (except for SpongeBob and sometimes Rocko) but I'll try my best to be a good ride op, considering how bad operations are at that park. I'll just end up quoting SpongeBob and asking if the Turtles are Japanese-Italian.
  24. Update: This summer, I might be getting a part-time job as ride op at Nickelodeon Universe in NJ. Have to fill out the job application in May. Also in May is GAdv's Autism Day, where I MIGHT test out Nitro (read: MIGHT.)

  25. Given my... ahem, "response" to El Toro, it's unlikely I would ever go on this ride, but I would love to if I were fearless.
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