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  1. Jersey Devil Coaster has re-opened, and it’s running great!!
  2. Six Flags Great Adventure has just announced Lil’ Devil Coaster, the park’s 14th roller coaster!
  3. Six Flags Great Adventure’s entertainment team is looking for Scare/ Zombie Actors for this year’s Fright Fest! Click the link below for more details!! https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/events/fright-fest-scare-actor-zombie-auditions?fbclid=IwAR2cas8x0X7jPbVTC1Q0rE4VZWqar_Z32Jx9GzcNjygEgwuidGR_FWfczdU
  4. Be sure to check out Six Flags Great Adventure‘s OFFICIAL on ride and aerial footage on the park’s YouTube channel! https://youtu.be/Rw3v5TPovTA
  5. I found the restraints on Jersey Devil to be just fine during the airtime on the ride, and during the ride in general!
  6. I haven’t been on the other raptors yet, but I’d imagine those other raptors are overall more intense.
  7. I rode JDC around 10+ times and Toro about 15 consecutive times today, JDC is absolutely awesome!! I’m super excited to hear everyone’s thoughts and reactions to the ride!!
  8. The back seat was awesome! I really enjoyed the front & middle rows as well!
  9. It’s my favorite ride at the park! The hangtime was awesome and the airtime was great! It’s also super smooth which is super nice!
  10. I was able to experience Jersey Devil Coaster through today’s film shoot, and it is such a fantastic ride!!
  11. The grand opening for Jersey Devil Coaster is on June 13th!
  12. https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/events/jersey-devil-coaster-member-and-season-pass-preview
  13. Previews for Jersey Devil Coaster begin this week!
  14. Jersey Devil Coaster is listed on the flash pass as “closed” as of my visit yesterday!
  15. Jersey Devil Coaster has received certification from the state of New Jersey!
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