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  1. If Safari Kids got a retheme to Timbertown, and put RRR (Little Devil) over by Safari Tours, that would be awesome, and fit in next to JDC and the Pine Barrens area!
  2. Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro are now able to run together with people on both rides!
  3. I am very excited to see all of the theming and landscaping for Jersey Devil Coaster come together in the coming weeks! I am personally most excited for that Entry Portal!
  4. Same! Hopefully it’ll provide great views of the first drop and raven dive loop!
  5. Happy Thursday! Here is a photo of JDC I captured from the Skyway!
  6. New JDC Update featuring the ride’s blueprints!!
  7. We will have a new JDC Behind The Adventure update from the park coming out tomorrow at 4pm!!
  8. Jersey Devil Coaster has its first car on the track everyone!! Happy Wednesday!
  9. Today, I was able to get a photo from the Ferris Wheel of Jersey Devil Coaster’s 1st queue house under construction!
  10. As of today, El Toro has opened for the 2021 season!
  11. With the park’s opening weekend, we got to see many exciting views of the ride, and it looks absolutely fantastic! Here are a few of the photos I took this weekend of the ride
  12. More angles coming right from the park’s Instagram stories!
  13. New Jersey Devil Coaster Construction Update!
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